Chasecraft Now Supports 1.17!

Hey everyone! If you weren't aware, earlier today Part 1 of the Caves and Cliffs Update was released (version 1.17). We've added 1.17 support to Chasecraft, meaning you can now join on versions 1.15/1.16 through to 1.17!

To update to Minecraft 1.17, simply click the dropdown menu to the left of the launcher and click on the Latest Release button! Then join using the latest version.

| Can I use 1.17 Blocks on Chasecraft?

Right now, you won't be able to use 1.17 blocks, however, this is definitely something we'd like to change in the future. We'd eventually like to fully update both Survival and Creative to 1.17, so you can use the new Caves and Cliffs Update blocks however, we need to wait for 1.17 server software to update and become a lot more stable before we can do that.

Stay tuned for more information on this topic in the coming months.