Introducing AMONG US in Minecraft!

Hey everyone!

Today I have a really exciting announcement to present to all of you, we're officially releasing our version of the popular Among Us game by Innersloth. Among Us is now apart of our new Minigame Lobby which will soon feature other Minigames! In the future, we plan to have a levelling system, a coins system and unlockable cosmetic perks for each Minigame, however, we've focused the core of this update on the new Among Us minigame.

In this blog post we'll first explain how you can join Chasecraft's Among Us and then we'll go into how the game works.

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| How to Join Among Us

First you need to join the Minecraft server on Java Edition, enter into your server list. Once you've logged in, right-click the server selector and click on the Among Us head in the middle of the bottom slots.

As you can see in the image above, you first need to click the compass (highlighted red) then the orange Among Us head in the selector (highlighted red).

Once you click the Among Us head you'll join the Minigame Lobby, simply walk forward to play Among Us!

Chasecraft's Among Us has two different modes you can play: 6 Player Among Us or 10 Player Among Us. Simply right-click on one of the NPCs in the Minigame Lobby to join one of the modes.

6 Player games will consist of 5 crewmates and 1 imposter whereas 10 player games consist of 8 crewmates and 2 imposters!

| How to Play Among Us

Among Us is a murder mystery-based Minigame, where up to 8 players are chosen to be 'Crewmates' (innocent players) and up to 2 players are chosen to be 'Imposters' (the muderers). The crewmates will be given a set of tasks to complete, whereas the imposters will be tasked with killing all the crewmates without getting caught. If the crewmates finish all tasks, they win, if the imposters kill all players, they win!

When an imposter kills a player, their head will be dropped onto the ground. A crewmate can then go over to the body if they find it and report the body. Reporting a body will call a meeting in which all players must convince each other why they are not the imposter. During the meeting, you can vote who you think is the imposter, but make sure whoever you vote is actually the imposter!! The crewmates can also win if they vote out all imposters. To vote, right-click the Paper in your inventory!

It's important to note that players can only talk during meetings and that players will not see a Ghost's chat (dead player). This game is way more fun when playing it in a voice chat with your friends, so we've setup some voice channels on the Discord!

Crewmate Tasks

As explained above, crewmates can complete a set of given tasks. Tasks include downloading data and then uploading it in another room, fixing wires, cleaning out filters and more! These tasks don't take long at all, but each player is given 6 tasks on 6 player Among Us games and 5 tasks on 10 player Among Us games.

If you're an imposter, it's highly suggested that you fake tasks to pretend you're just a regular crewmate! You must avoid suspicion at all times!!

Tasks in Chasecraft's Among Us look like chest inventories. Inside these chests you'll have an assortment of items to move around, click or simply watch items do something. In order to start a task, you need to click a sign (or a lever for Garbage Chute & Empty Garbage). You'll know what tasks you have on your scoreboard to the right of your screen - tasks that you haven't done will show up as gray, tasks that you've completed will be green.

Imposter Sabotages

As an imposter you have 5 sabotages you can do throughout the game; O2, Reactor, Communications, Lights and Doors.

  • O2 will deplete the oxygen tanks requiring two players to go into two rooms and enter a code to stop the sabotage. If it is not fixed within 45 seconds, the Imposters win!
  • Reactor will require two players to both open the Reactor Panel at the exact same time before it melts down. If it is not fixed within 45 seconds, the Imposters win!
  • Communications will stop halt all frequencies meaning you cannot see what tasks you have next and security cameras will not work. This can be fixed whenever and no one will lose if it isn't fixed.
  • Lights will simply turn off the lights in the entire map, requiring players to go to Electrical and fix them - it can be quite annoying to turn the switches back on as when you turn a switch on or off, it does it for everyone else too! This can be fixed whenever and no one will lose if it isn't fixed.
  • Doors simply allow the Imposters to close doors to several rooms around the map for 10 seconds.

As you can see, our oddly suspicious looking Manager hohos is standing in front of a door that suddenly closed in front of me. I'm starting to thinking he's the Imposter now...

Anyway! That about sums up the sabotages that Imposters can do. Now that we've gone over the key parts of Among Us gameplay, let's go over some of the finer details that'll help you out.

  • Security cameras can be used by all players to view certain areas of the map and see where players might be
  • The emergency button can be used once by each player, this should be used when players feel very suspicious about another player
  • Imposters are able to sneak on vents (iron trap doors in the floor) to enter them, using arrows in their inventory to switch back and forth between other linked vents
  • During a body report meeting or emergency meeting each player can vote by right-clicking the Paper in your inventory.
  • All tasks that you have will be highlighted in blue, you can see the highlight through walls making it easier to find where a task is. Sabotages will be highlighted in red.

Voting in Meetings

Last but not least, let's discuss voting! This is an essential part of Among Us, as we've explained already when a body is reported or the emergency button is pressed a meeting will be called.

Whilst a meeting is in progress you must talk to all the other players about who you think the imposter is, it's also worth trying to defend yourself or clearing other players (telling others that you know they aren't the imposter as you saw them do a task or you trust them). If you're an imposter, it's important to make sure no one is suspicious of you during a meeting so you don't get voted off!

You'll have 105 seconds to discuss with one another and vote for who you think the imposter is. If you're not too sure who it is, simply click the "Skip Vote" button!

We hope you all enjoy the newest server to the Chasecraft family, Minigames. We're so excited to play Among Us with you all!

Please keep in mind as this is a new server there may be bugs here and there, if you find a bug please report it on the Discord. You can join the Discord by clicking the card below...

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Thank you to everyone who worked on the new Minigames, here's a list of credits!

  • ConstructorLeo - Project Lead & Game Design
  • BlazingTide - Development of Minigames Framework & Among Us Minigame
  • Riana - The Skeld Map Design & Minigames Lobby Build
  • Aboscuss - Overseeing Quality Assurance testing