Announcing 1.16.5 Creative

Hey everyone! Today we're announcing the reset of our Creative server that'll bring new features as well as turning the two current Creative servers into one big Creative server. The reset will release on Saturday 27th of March @ 4 PM EST!

The reset will update Creative to 1.16.5, which means you can use all of the Nether Update blocks! We'll also be adding other features such as 200x200 plots, new cosmetics and purchasable furniture via Chase Coins, a new currency we're introducing throughout Chasecraft (first seen on Minigames)!


Saturday 27th @ 4 PM EST

As everyone is aware, our only other 1.16.5 server is Survival. We're currently in the midst of updating the entirety of Chasecraft to 1.16.5 with Creative being the next server in line to receive this update! We're super excited to bring in our second 1.16.5 server and we hope you are too.

Continue reading to find out more regarding this update.

| New Spawn

It wouldn't be a proper reset without a new spawn! Creative's spawn has received a large upgrade, it's now bigger with a lot more room to run around in, with more NPCs accessing new features. This spawn will also act as a Hub to our Creative server, if we ever want to add bigger or even smaller plot worlds we're able to do so!

Maybe we'll open a Donator Plot World one day?

| New Cosmetics (Goodies)

We've added a ton of new cosmetics (but we call them goodies!) to the Creative server, such as Pets, Gadgets, Miniatures, Emotes and much more! You can obtain goodies by purchasing Goodie Bags off of the store or by voting.

Firewings Cloak

Sun Tan Emote

Creeper Morph

Access the Goodies menu by typing /goodies

| Introducing Furniture

One of our most requested features has finally arrived; furniture! We've added 23 different types of furniture across 5 different categories. Below is a list of all the categories and the furniture you can get in them:

  • Indoor Furniture - Chair, Table, Large Table
  • Indoor Decoration - Black Board, Camera, TV, Trash Can, Wax Candle
  • Outdoor Furniture - Camp Chair, Hammock, Log, Tent
  • Outdoor Decoration - Cactus Plant, Camp Fire, Crossbow, Flag, Mail Box, Sleeping Bag, Sunshade, Weapon Stand
  • Seasonal Decoration - Advent Calendar, Christmas Tree, Snow Golem

Obtain furniture through Chase Coins! Buy Chase Coins off of the store to then purchase furniture with them in game. Get Chase Coins by clicking here.

| And More!

There's a few more changes we've done that aren't exactly worthy of their own section, so we'll list them below.

New Messaging Theme

We've updated Creative to the new 1.16 messaging theme that we've been using on Survival, basically that means everything now looks a little nicer and more up to date! Enjoy the new look!

200x200 Plot Sizes

Who thought 100x100 plot sizes were big enough? Well we didn't! We've updated the plot sizes to 200x200, now you've got so much more room to build.

What will you use all this extra space for? Maybe you could make some huge futuristic city or some giant dragon's lair! We can't wait to see what you have planned.

Buy WorldEdit!

You can now buy WorldEdit for a specific amount of time on the store and gain access to a few basic commands.

You'll be able to buy WorldEdit access for only $1.50 per hour. If you buy more than an hour of WorldEdit, we'll take off a few dollars so it's even cheaper!

Introducing Player Warps

We've added in Player Warps so now you can easily set warps to your plots that other players can use. On top of that, players who don't have a rank can use Player Warps for free!

That's about it for this update! We hope everyone will enjoy the new Creative reset with all it's new features. Be sure to tweet us pictures of your new plots on our Twitter.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits!

See you all on Saturday 27th @ 4 PM EST!