Bedwars Full Release - New Maps, Features, Leaderboards & More

Hey everyone! Just a little over month ago we released Bedwars into Open Beta, since then we released another 2 Bedwars related updates that fixed bugs and added some new features like a spectator system and a new chat system.

We also hosted a 100 Player Bedwars event for a YouTuber, hosted another 100 Player Bedwars event for our community and will be doing another one for Nathan and some other YouTubers later this week!

We're now at a point where we believe Bedwars is playable and stable, without too many bugs ruining the experience - this means we don't believe Bedwars will randomy break and everything will go sideways. We can now start releasing new fun features rather than just bug fixes as well as new maps - on top of that we'll begin tracking Bedwars statistics and putting leaderboards in the Minigame hubs!

Continue reading to find out more about this update...

| 4 New Maps

With a full release comes new maps. We've added a total of 4 new maps, 2 rush styled maps and 2 long styled maps - this means we now have 7 maps to play on!



Pokemon Omega


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| New Features

The new Bedwars Full Release includes some new features such as the Quick Shop, Bridge Eggs, Bed Bugs and Magic Milk! We'll explain each feature in more detail below, so continue reading to find out more.

Quick Shop

The Quick Shop is the first page that opens when you enter the shop, it's essentially a customisable shop, you can add the items that you use the most to this shop so you don't have to go find it in all the other shops.

You can add an item to your Quick Shop by SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICKING it, you'll then be prompted to choose which slot you'd like to put the item in the Quick Shop! It's as easy as that, it's also quick to do.

Pop-Up Tower

Fortify your base with the new Pop-Up Tower, an entire tower made completely out of your team color's wool, with some ladders included! This tower can be used as a defense against enemies or an outpost to bow or fireball nearby enemies into the void!

You can buy the Pop-Up Tower in the Utilities Shop for 25 iron!

Bridge Egg

If you're in a rush, maybe because you're getting rushed, and want to make a quick escape you can throw the Bridge Egg into the sky and it'll create a wool bridge behind the egg for you to make your escape on. Or maybe you'll want to use it to rush other enemies!

You can buy the Bridge Egg in the Utilities Shop for 3 Emeralds!

Bed Bug

A Bed Bug is a pesty... bug! Throw the bug at an enemy and watch them have a hard time trying to kill the bug. Maybe you could throw 5 of them at the player, give them an even harder time killing the bug. These little critters are great defenses against enemies.

You can buy the Bed Bug in the Utilities Shop for 40 iron!

Magic Milk

Magic Milk is your best friend when you're wanting to destroy an enemies bed. You'll be able to enter their base without getting affected by any traps they might have, but it will last 30 seconds once you enter their base.

| Leaderboards & Stats

Now that we're out of Open Beta it means we can start tracking your Bedwars statistics and add leaderboards to the Hubs. To get to the Leaderboards, go to one of our Minigame Hubs and turn around as you spawn in, then walk forward and look at the Leaderboard to the left, the big red one - there you'll be able to view top wins on Solo and Doubles!

We'll be tracking a few Bedwars related statistics as well, right now these are unable to be viewed by yourself or anyone else except for the Chasecraft team - these statistics allow us to get a better understanding of how everyone plays Chasecraft's Bedwars as well as use for future leaderboards.

Here's a list of the statistics we're tracking on both Solo and Doubles

  • Games played
  • Time played
  • Beds broken & times your bed has been broken
  • Final kills
  • Kills & Deaths
  • Wins & Losses

| Bug Fixes & Changes

We're almost at the end of this update, we've just got the bug fixes and changes left to go over. All of these fixes and changes were done after the second QoL update!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed parties not working between the lobbies and game servers and occasionally between games themselves
  • Fixed the ACCEPT button in a party request message sending a chat message instead of executing a command
  • Fixed the party kick command not kicking members
  • Fixed multiple party messages saying %player% instead of the player name
  • Fixed players with invisibility not being revealed when shot with a bow
  • Fixed Speed and Jump Boost potions giving you Speed I or Jump Boost I instead of Speed II or Jump Boost V
  • Fixed the Iron Pickaxe saying you bought a Wooden Pickaxe when buying one
  • Fixed the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tool upgrades taking the wrong resources when buying them
  • Fixed the Dragon Buff taking 4 diamonds instead of 5 diamonds
  • Fixed traps saying that you bought a trap when your teammate did
  • Fixed being able to pick up arrows in Spectator mode
  • Fixed being able to be AFK kicked in Spectator mode
  • Fixed the leave message showing up in chat when you join a game after just being in one, even though you didn't leave
  • Fixed some generators being out of sync with other generators of that type in certain maps
  • Fixed Terracotta's color being white instead of your team's color
  • Fixed the Team Eliminated message not showing up in chat when a team is eliminated
  • Fixed Potions being longer or shorter than what is said in the shop
  • Fixed dragons not spawning during the Sudden Death event
  • Fixed being able to respawn when your bed has been destroyed by the Beds Destroyed event
  • Fixed an issue where requeueing a game would make it so you can only see yourself in tab
  • Fixed being able to move items into the Shopkeeper or Enderchest, causing you to dupe your tools or lose them.


  • Party messages are now only broadcasted to everyone but the person who typed out the command, so they don't recieve multiple messages when typing out certain commands
  • Nerfed TNT, Fireball and Iron Golem damage
  • You can no longer purchase items if your inventory is full
  • Removed durability from tools
  • Removed the ability to drain water in a map using sponges (you can still drain water placed by yourself or an enemy)

That concludes this update! It was quite a big one, we really hope you enjoy the new features we added in this update and we especially hope you find the new maps fun to play!

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Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits!