Bedwars is now in Open Beta!

Hey everyone! Our second Minigame has been released; Bedwars!

Gather resources, gear up and protect your bed in the sky, try to destroy other team's beds whilst trying to defend your own! Once your bed is destroyed, you can no longer respawn, last team standing wins!

Throughout the map you can get diamonds which allow you to buy team upgrades like Sharpness on your swords or Protection on your armor, you can also get emeralds in the center islands to get more OP items like diamond armor and swords! Then, you can gather iron and gold ingots from your own team's base to buy common items like wool and iron swords.

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| Bedwars Modes

There are currently two different modes you can play on Bedwars, Solo and Doubles.

Bedwars Solo:
This mode puts you against 7 other players, you won't spawn with other players so you must defend and fight by yourself.

Bedwars Doubles:
This mode puts you against 15 other players, you'll spawn in a team with one other player, so each team has 2 players. Both players in the team can either defend and/or fight!

| Bedwars Maps

We currently have 3 Bedwars maps that you can play on both Bedwars modes.


Floating Shores


We have another map that'll be available soon! Tweet us your thoughts of the maps on our Twitter @

Please keep in mind that Bedwars is currently in an open beta which means there will still be a few bugs here and there. If you find any bugs, please report them on our Discord, click the card below to join!

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Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits!