Bedwars QoL Update #2

Hey everyone! We're back with our second quality of life Bedwars update, with tons of bug fixes, changes as well as a new spectator system and chat system! We're super close to a full release, in fact we believe we can get it out in the next week or two. The full release will come with new maps, features and more bug fixes, so stay tuned for that!

Before we get into the details, keep in mind that Bedwars is still in open beta! We haven't fully released Bedwars yet and until then, please expect many bugs and things to be changed! We won't be tracking statistics or creating leaderboards until Bedwars is out of open beta.

Continue reading to find out more about this update...

| Spectator System

We've implemented in a new spectator system, you're now able to easily teleport to players who are still in the game through the compass, you can also change different aspects of spectator mode through the spectator settings menu, such as fly speed and more and we've added in a play again button that, of course, lets you join a new game.

You can also click a player who is in the game to spectate their perspective, which means it'll almost seem as if you're that player!

| Chat System

We've also implemented a new system for chat. This system is different for both solo and doubles though.

In solo, your chat will now display the team you're on in front of your name. You'll also be able to see everyone elses chat messages.

In doubles, you'll only be able to see your own team's messages, however, you can type /shout <message> every 45 seconds to send a message to all players in your game.

| Bug Fixes

  • Fixed TNT and Fireballs dealing no damage upon impact
  • Fixed TNT and Fireballs not knocking you back upon impact
  • Fixed Iron Golems not dealing damage to enemies
  • Fixed being able to open the chest when the team wasn't eliminated
  • Fixed invisibility potions not hiding your armor
  • Fixed the Alarm trap not revealing invisible enemies
  • Fixed the "trap bought" message not being sent to everyone on your team
  • Fixed the enchantment name showing up on a trap in the queue
  • Fixed the 2nd Axe and Pickaxe tier not taking resources
  • Fixed Dragons not spawning in sudden death
  • Fixed the win message in doubles saying that solo

| Changes

  • Added in an AFK timer
  • Added in a bunch of sounds to different actions
  • Added in a team eliminated message
  • Added the spectator system
  • Added the chat system

That's about it for this update! We're super happy that Bedwars is in a stable and playable state without many bugs, as we mentioned earlier, we're super close to a full release and will probably be doing that in the next week or two, or we might release a third QoL update before we do that but we'll see.

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Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits!