Bedwars QoL Update

Hey everyone! Today we're releasing our first Bedwars open beta update. This update features a bunch of quality of life changes that'll make your experience whilst playing Bedwars so much better, as well as a bunch of bug fixes!

Before we get into the details, keep in mind that Bedwars is still in open beta! We haven't fully released Bedwars yet and until then, please expect many bugs and things to be changed! We won't be tracking statistics or creating leaderboards until Bedwars is out of open beta.

We've also done some optimisations to map loading, how the server handles games and a few more things. Hopefully everything will run more smoothly now and you won't notice as much lag. We'll also be purchasing more servers for Bedwars this week.

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| QoL Changes

Here's a list of Quality of Life changes we've done to Bedwars. Hopefully these changes will make your experience playing Bedwars a lot better!

  • The game starting time has been changed when in a waiting lobby:
      At 14 players, it'll set the starting time to 30 seconds
      At 15 players, it'll set the starting time to 15 seconds
      At 16 players, it'll set the starting time to 5 seconds
  • Disabled block placing around the shop NPCs and spawn point
  • Killing an enemy will now give you all of their iron, gold, diamonds and/or emeralds
  • Our map rotation system will now cycle through all maps in an order rather than choosing a random map each time. This prevents the same map from constantly being chosen. The new cycle is:
      Grove > Floating Shores > Gearguard > Repeat
  • You no longer have to be right next to or in your team mate to also receive the resources. You can stand pretty much anywhere in the generator and you'll receive them
  • You can now drop purchased swords
  • Fireball blast radius has been increased, it's now actually effective!
  • You can now buy multiple of the same sword, in case you want to buy one for your team mate. (how sweet!)
  • Axes no longer deal damage to players
  • Particles are now shown around the island when the Regeneration Field upgrade is active
  • Added in an end game:
      ▪   Beds are now destroyed 6 minutes after the Emerald III upgrade
      ▪   Ender dragons now spawn 10 minutes after Beds Destroyed
      ▪   The game will end 10 minutes after Sudden Death (ender dragons)

| Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mobs being able to spawn naturally
  • Fixed punch in a bow not knocking players back
  • Fixed the Regeneration Field not giving you regeneration
  • Fixed the Sharpened Swords, Protected Armor and Speedy Miner upgrades not being given to team mates when you buy it yourself
  • Fixed an issue where kills would sometimes show up incorrectly on scoreboard
  • Fixed bows losing durability when being used
  • Fixed being able to drop the leave button in the waiting lobby
  • Fixed the first final kill of a team not showing up as a final kill in kill messages
  • Fixed Protected Armor Tier I taking 4 diamonds instead of 2
  • Fixed diamond armor not being given to you when you buy it
  • Fixed being able to buy the same type of armor multiple times
  • Fixed being able to buy lower tiers of armor than the one you currently have on
  • Fixed being able to take armor off
  • Fixed games being marked at full when they still have 1 slot open (if a Doubles game had 15/16 it'd not let anyone else join because the game thought it was full)
  • Fixed being able to drop your wooden sword, axe, pickaxe or shears
  • Fixed Iron Golems not attacking enemies
  • Fixed being able to attack your own Iron Golem
  • Fixed the Iron Golem name not being removed when they're killed by a player

Anyway, that's it for this update! We have a few more updates in the works that'll be live later this month, so keep an eye out on our Discord and the website for announcements regarding these updates!

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Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits!