Chasecraft 2.1 Launch Announced

It's been a while since we've given an update to Chasecraft 2.1. A little over a month ago we announced a major overhaul to our Skyblock servers, a long with a release date - however, as we got close to the release date we realised we weren't ready and had to delay it. We said to ourselves that we will not release this update until we believe that it's ready for you, the community.

When we released Chasecraft 2.0 in April we quickly became to realise how much of a hassle it is to hold hundreds of players on a single Skyblock instance (server). Over that month we went through several possible solutions to this, some of which we were beginning to develop but quickly switched out for a more efficient method - we ended up coming to the conclusion that the quickly and simplest way for us to hold hundreds of players was to have multiple Skyblock servers, and so we released another 3 Skyblock servers. Though, it wasn't long after then until we began to work on Chasecraft 2.1, which is ideally the final solution to holding hundreds, if not thousands of players on the Chasecraft Minecraft server.

We came up with the idea to cloud host our Skyblock servers, which would be able to scale the amount of instances available up or down depending on the player count. This allows Unspeakable to hold livestreams himself where he could potentially bring up to 2,000 players onto the network at once. The plus side of this cloud hosted system is that nothing should lag! However, please understand that we are in the very early stages of this new system that we have never created before and so lag and issues should be expected early on.

| Skyblock 2.1 Releases This Week!

Anyway, enough of the blah, blah, blah! Let's get onto the good news; we're now ready to release Skyblock 2.1 to the public! We'll be launching all four Skyblock servers to the public this...



We hope to see you there, you can join Skyblock 2.1 by heading to on the 21st @ 4 PM EST!

| What's in store for Skyblock 2.1

Skyblock 2.1's main focus was to create a stable server for our community to play and expand on, therefore we haven't added all too much to Skyblock 2.1! However, there are a few new noticable changes to 2.1, the biggest being the new Marketplace server.

The Marketplace server, also known as the Safari Marketplace, will be your one-stop area for shops created and maintained by players and mabe yourself! You can choose between three different plot sizes and rent them out for a specific amount of time, each plot allows you to place up to 20 shops on them which can sell different types of items. If you want, you can purchase the exclusive Marketplace rank called; Merchant - which gives you access to placing up to 40 shops, access to claiming extra plots and more!

One of the other changes we've done is to our Mob Coins shop. Instead of the old rotating shop we had in 2.0, where every 24 hours a new set of items would appear we've moved to a more simple and intuitative shop based design where you can go into each Mob Coins shop category and purchase something in there.

This new shop design will allow us to easily add new items to each category in the future and perhaps entire new types of categories. We also prefer you guys to have freedom over what you want to buy!

On top of the Marketplace, Mob Coins Shop and plenty of other general changes and fixes, there's one fix we really wanted to mention - Machines! They're making a return in Skyblock 2.1, after having several game-breaking issues on 2.0 we've been able to completely recode Machines from the ground up, they now perform better and faster!

Get ready to purchase your own ore machine, money machine and mob coins machine in the Machines shop accessed via /machines!

We are super hyped to released Skyblock 2.1 with you all! Our team has been working tirelessly on ensuring everything is spick and span for you, the community. Whenever you see one of our team members online, be sure to give them a thanks for their hardwork over the last 3 months on the Skyblock 2.1 update!

Thank you so much for continuing to support Chasecraft, we love every one of you!
- Chasecraft Server Team