Chasecraft is shutting down

Hey everyone, unfortunately today I come with some sad news for the Chasecraft server. It will be shutting down on 23rd of September, 2023.

Chasecraft released May 30th, 2019, a little over 4 years ago now. In this time, we had a great run, peaking at almost 900 players back in 2020, releasing one of the first Among Us minigames in Minecraft which was shortly followed by our own Bedwars, both of which had done very well. We released an innovative Prison server and continued to provide updates to our various gamemodes over the years.

Over the last few months, Chasecraft's player count has been dwindling. We have an extremely tight knit community that love playing on Chasecraft and being active in the Discord, however, we haven't had a chance to bring new players to the server in a while now due to our limited resources.

After discussions with the rest of the team, we've decided that the best course of action is to shut down the Chasecraft Minecraft server indefinitely. It's a natural end to an amazing server that has grown a wonderful community, and we hope that you understand.

I've written down a little Q&A to answer some common questions:
Q: What will happen when it shuts down?
A: On the 23rd of September the Minecraft server will go offline, meaning that you will no longer be able to join it at all. It will stay this way indefinitely.

Q: What happens to the store?
A: From the time that this announcement has gone out, we will be turning the store off meaning that no purchases will be able to be made.

Q: What will happen to this Discord server?
A: The Discord server will continue to stay open, but at the end of October we'll be making all channels read only and essentially archiving the Discord. We'd love to keep it open, but we feel it's fair to our staff team that they don't need to keep coming back on and moderating the Discord, we hope you understand.

Q: What happens to things I've recently purchased on the store?
A: If you purchased something on the store within the last week, you'll be able to ask for a refund. Please contact myself or any of our managers if you'd like a refund on any purchase made in the last week.

Q: Will you provide world downloads for any of the servers?
A: Yes, we will provide world downloads to the Survival, Skyblock and Creative servers. Links to these will be sent on the day we shut down.

We thank every one of you for making Chasecraft what it is, for continuing to play on the server and support it and our team. Thank you so much for the wonderful last 4 years.