Chasecraft Patch 2.1.1

The past week our development team has been busy fixing all of the issues on the newly released Skyblock Builders server! This blog post aims to cover almost everything we've fixed the past week, filling you in with everything going on behind the scenes.

Our main focus for this past week was to fix up all of the behind the scenes issues that were preventing players from playing Skyblock or having an enjoyable experience whilst playing Skyblock. Next week's focus will be to fix up all of the small bugs related to islands, such as island teams, disbanding, etc.

| Patch Notes (30/08/2020)

Global Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where pinging the player count or viewing the in game player count would display incorrectly.
  • Fixed being able to place Unspeakable Signs in spawns, other players islands and plots.

Skyblock Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Skyblock cloud hosted instances wouldn't scale up or down depending on the player count.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to teleport back to your island after a restart.
  • Fixed creepers and endermans being able to blow up or steal blocks.
  • Disabled and enabled a bunch of gamerules.
       ▪  Disabled mob griefing.
       ▪  Disabled insomnia so Phantoms don't spawn.
       ▪  Enabled keep inventory so you keep your inventory when you die.
       ▪  Disabled fire spread.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in machines creating multiple holograms.
  • Fixed being able to place machines in other machines or blocks.
  • Temporarily added an AFK timer.
       DEVELOPER'S NOTE: We understand the AFK timer completely removes
       the purpose of mob spawners and such, however, going AFK is apart of the
       cause of the island instances constantly crashing, once this is fixed we'll
       remove the AFK timer from the game!
  • Fixed an issue where players could use a certain command to remove other players experience points.
  • Added a save task to island instances so that your island is saved every few minutes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mob Coins & MCMMO Credit features would cause servers to take forever to shut down.
  • Island instances that have been online for longer than 6 hours are now removed from rotation, meaning you'll be sent to the next available instance instead of that one.
  • Added instance Heartbeat
       ▪  Sends a heartbeat to every instance every few minutes, if a heartbeat isn't returned back, it'll take the instance
    out of rotation. (usually means the instance crashed).

That's it for this weeks patch! Stay tuned next week for another patch.