Chasecraft Patch 2.1.2

This past week our development team has been focusing on fixing up all the features on our Skyblock server as well as some general fixes & changes to our Skyblock system. We believe we're getting a lot closer to a fully working Skyblock server, however, we understand that there will still be bugs that we haven't seen yet and so we urge you to immediately report them in our Discord under the #bug-reports channel as soon as you find one!

As the server gets closer to being stable, Unspeakable will start coming on and recording and we'll be able to open up the other 3 Skyblock servers. With plans of a live stream from Unspeakable himself in the near future too!

| Patch Notes (07/09/2020)

Global Fixes

  • Fixed all teleportation commands. You can now teleport to players who are on other servers and just use teleport request commands in general!
  • Removed access to /tp command for players who are not a staff member.

Hub Fixes

  • Fixed join items not overwriting different items that may be in your inventory when you log in
  • Added a portal to the Event Server. Join in on events every Sunday @ 4 PM EST!
  • The Hub server player counts are now displayed in the Hub scoreboard.

Skyblock Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused you to recieve two powerups when picking up one powerup.
  • Fixed the money, flight, exp & drops powerups not working.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some machines to immediately break upon placing them.
  • Fixed an issue causing charcoal to be removed from your machine when you log out and back in.
  • Fixed being able to take damage when visiting another players island. Now the PvP setting must be turned on in order for you to take damage on other players islands.
  • Fixed the island team commands sometimes not working.
  • Fixed island visitors being able to use island settings on your island.
  • All online members now get alerted when your island is disbanded.
  • Fixed an issue causing the ERROR_WORLD_CREATION error.
  • Fixed the island disband message.
  • Fix an issue to do with island disbanding.
  • Added a cool down to the island create command.
  • Your island now gets saved every few minutes rather than just on log out.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get teleported to another island.
  • Island instances that have been online for greater than 6 hours are now taken out of rotation.
  • Fixed island instances from crashing (for the most part).
       DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Our monitoring system has reported almost zero
       crashes over the past week, while this is very promising we certainly
       haven't  fixed it for good and will be continuing to monitor it over weeks to

That's it for this weeks patch! Stay tuned next week for another patch.