Chasecraft Patch 2.1.5

Last weekend we released two major updates to our Prison and Skyblock servers, adding tons of new features & fixes to Prison and releasing the Skyblock Enchanters, Grinders and PvPers servers. This week we're back with another patch.

Continue reading to find out everything we've fixed in the last week.

| Patch Notes (21/09/2020)

Global Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be randomly kicked when joining any server
  • Completely rewrote the Tablist nametag system so nametags are now ordered properly when joining and don't display as a white name anymore
  • Fixed the queue system always putting players in position 1.

Hub Changes

  • Added 6 more Hubs, get ready for more players soon!
  • Moved the system that the server & hub selectors run on to a more efficient system
  • Fixed a few small bugs on the Hubs.

Skyblock Fixes

  • Fixed Delete Island button having the same description as the Island Top button in the Island Panel
  • Fixed the Teleport to your Island button not working in the Island Panel
  • Fixed the Enchanters, Grinders & PvPers warps menu taking you to the Builders Safari & PvP servers
  • Changed the Your Island button name & description in the warps menu to say Island Panel
  • Fixed the Enchanters, Grinders & PvPers Crates button in the warps menu not taking you to the spawn server
  • Expired island instances now transfer the last 4 loaded islands to the next available island instance
  • Fixed the Island Leader line on the scoreboard not showing the island's leader
  • Players now get sent to the spawn server when leaving the island team
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player count to display 0 on the server list every so often.

Prison Fixes

  • Mine Crates will no longer appear if your inventory is full
  • Fixed being able to place backpacks
  • Fixed an issue where the backpack rename feature would stop players from being able to chat
  • Fixed mine resetting not removing Mine Crates
  • Mine Crates now disappear after 2 minutes if they don't get opened
  • Fixed a dupe bug with backpacks
  • Fixed being able to drag backpacks into the backpack panel, causing them to disappear.

That's it for this weeks patch! Stay tuned next week for another patch.