Chasecraft Patch 2.1.8

It's been a few weeks since we've released a patch notes. In today's blog post I'll be going over everything we've fixed in the last few weeks. This list of bug fixes will only go over the things we've fixed on our Skyblock, Prison, Creative and Hub servers. Bug fixes for our Among Us minigame will be coming in a later blog post featuring a few updates with it!

Before we get into it I'd just quickly like to let you know that we've released the November Monthly Crate! From now until the end of November you'll be able to purchase a limited edition crate on the store!

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Continue reading to find out everything we've fixed in the last few weeks.

| Patch Notes (21/09/2020)

Global Fixes

  • Fixed hats not working on all servers
  • Fixed vote broadcast message

Creative Changes

  • Fixed /nick, /tp, colored nick names and chat colors for Architect rank
  • Fixed /nick for Engineer

Skyblock Fixes

  • Fixed some of the tags prices in the mob coins shop
  • Added /ec and /rename to Mummy rank
  • Added /rename to Yeti rank
  • Fixed custom mob drops in PvPers, Enchanters and Grinders
  • Fixed crates being broken in spawns
  • Fixed /is ban, will now kick players from the island
  • Fixed /is team kick, will now kick players from the island
  • Fixed visitors being able to use doors, buttons, pressure plates and levers.
  • You can now place monthly crates on your island
  • Fixed visitors being able to trample on crops
  • Fixed people that were kicked or banned from an island being able to break and place blocks
  • Fixed being able to place item frames in Skyblock spawns

Prison Fixes

  • Increased the downward size of the donator mines
  • Increased the downwards size of the Z mine
  • Fixed the V mine missing the top layer
  • Fixed spawn eggs being disabled on Prison
  • Fixed the Iron private mine saying Gold Mine in the private mines menu
  • Tokens now go into players inventories from Mine Crates
  • Players can now withdraw tokens via /te withdraw
  • Fixed mine crates giving the wrong pickaxes
  • Fixed regions for mines V, Z and all donator mines
  • Added a 15 second cool down on the inventory full message so it doesn't spam players
  • Fixed the Diamond rank shovel saying it was the Ruby rank shovel in the kit

That's it for this patch! Stay tuned for more patch notes and update blogs in the future.