Christmas Update + Survival Releasing Soon

Hey everyone! Christmas has arrived on Chasecraft, bringing tons of new things for you to do and explore. On top of this, we're also releasing our 1.16.4 Survival server this Saturday 12th @ 4 PM EST!

On top of all the new Christmas festivity on the Chasecraft server, we'll be running a few Christmas events throughout December. We're currently running a Christmas build competition, join our Discord to find out more.

In this update we added:

  • Festive Christmas Spawns
     ▪   New Hub, Skyblock, Prison, Creative & Minigame Lobby Spawns
  • Christmas Present Hunt and Christmas Shop
     ▪   Find Santa's presents throughout the Hub, Skyblock, Prison, Creative & Minigame Lobby spawns
     ▪   Spend the presents you find on the Christmas Shop in Skyblock, Prison & Creative
  • Claim rewards in the Advent Calendar on Skyblock and Prison
  • New LIMITED TIME Unfrostable rank purchasable on the store
  • New LIMITED TIME Christmas Bundle, Crate and Tags purchasable on the store

Continue reading to find out more about the Christmas update!

| 1.16.4 Survival Releasing Soon!

Before we get into all of the details of the Christmas Update, we want to quickly let you know that we're releasing a brand new server this Saturday!

Book it on your calendars as 1.16.4 Survival releases this Saturday 12th @ 4 PM EST!

Chasecraft's Survival is just regular vanilla Survival at it's core, with a few new features added to make working with friends and other players a little bit easier.

Our Survival server has three Overworlds, so you can setup your home in three different worlds and gather resources in different worlds too! On top of this, Survival is running on 1.16.4, so you can use the new Nether Update blocks, mobs, items and features!

Here's a quick run down on just some of the features you can expect on Chasecraft's Survival:

  • Land Claiming - Claim land for your base in either the Overworld or the Nether.
  • Lottery - Buy lottery tickets to have a chance to earn money in game.
  • Player Warps - Set warps to your own bases that other players can use.
  • Player Shops - Create your very own shops that other players can buy/sell from.
  • Auction House - Auction off items that other players can buy.
  • Playtime Levels - Earn epic rewards for playing on the server.
  • PvP Arena - PvP is enabled in only the arena, the Overworlds, Nether and End are all PvE!
  • And Much More...

Anyway, that's enough about Survival! We'll see you on Saturday 12th @ 4 PM EST!

| Festive Spawns

Winter has arrived on Chasecraft as each spawn gets covered with snow and snowmen. Each of our spawns have had a Christmas makeover. Below is an image of what the new Christmas Hub looks like! We won't show every spawn though, you'll have to go see them for yourself.

| Present Hunt & Christmas Shop

Throughout all of the new Christmas themed spawns you can find presents. Every present that you find can then be spent in the Christmas shop on our Skyblock, Prison or Creative servers.

You can buy Christmas decorations, tags and even kits in the Christmas shop!

To open the Christmas Shop, simply visit Santa Claus in front of the spawn point of the Skyblock Builders, Skyblock Grinders, Prison and Creative spawns!

Start exploring each spawn looking for green presents, they'll look like the one below!

| Advent Calendar

December is the month of giving after all, so what would it be without daily rewards all throughout the month? The advent calendar on Skyblock and Prison allows you to claim free rewards every day, such as free items, mob coins, kits, and more!

To open the Advent Calendar, simply visit the penguin in front of the spawn point of the Skyblock Builders, Skyblock Grinders and Prison spawns!

| LIMITED TIME Christmas Store

The LIMITED TIME Christmas Store is back, with a ton of new purchasable content such as the Unfrostable rank, December Monthly Crate, Christmas Bundle, Cosmetic Christmas Hat & Shield and Christmas Tags!

Click HERE to head to the store!

That's it for this update! We hope you enjoyed it, we've got an update to Minigames coming in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits!

  • Nick - Overseeing implementation of Christmas update and store content
  • Apollo - Development of Present Hunt
  • xQuickGlare - Development of Advent Calendar
  • Aboscuss - Overseeing Quality Assurance testing