Community Roundup Blog #4

Hey everyone, yesterday we hosted our fourth community roundup on our Discord. Community roundups are where we discuss future updates, changes to the server and allow you to give us feedback on what we should change on Chasecraft! This blog post aims to cover most of the topics we went over during our roundup.

Anyway, let's get onto all of the topics that we discussed during the community roundup.

| Skyblock Pets

Skyblock is long due for a fun update, that the regular and newer players can enjoy! We will be adding more pets to Skyblock, and changing the way that they work!
Currently, our pets can be unlocked by getting them from crates, activating them for a short amount of time before going on cooldown again. It felt very repetitive, and not a very nice experience.
We are adding over 20 pets that all have their own special ability. You can level up these pets to boost the effectiveness of their abilities. For example, giving a bigger multiplier or giving a higher level of a potion effect.

| Delay on Minigames

Our last run of Minigames had quite a lot of issues around keeping the creation of games running. It would work amazingly for about a day, and then no one could play Minigames anymore. In order to fix this weird behaviour, we have come up with a new way of always creating these games. With this system, we will prevent the same issue happening. Due to the added complexity of this system, we have had some technical difficulties with this system. We want to make sure Minigames is in as good of a shape as it can be before releasing it.
We are planning on doing an alpha test run before the actual release, to make sure we fix the last issues before the official release. There is no due date on this as of yet, but the current progress is looking really promising.

| Suggestions and Bug Reports

Currently, suggestions and bug reports were done in seperate channels, using a command to post a message in these channels. This had the difficulty where in regards to suggestions it was hard to discuss about it. I feel like discussion is the most important part of suggestions, as different players have different looks at a new feature. It was also hard to keep you guys in the loop if a suggestion would be added, a bug was fixed, or why a suggestion would not be added.
Because of these difficulties, we have decided to move away from these 2 seperate channels, and instead create a "forums" channel, where you can make a post for a specific bug or feature. This will allow community members to comment on the suggestion, and allow us to keep you guys in the loop on the bug or suggestion.

| Survival - 1.20 update

We are already working hard on creating a big update to fix the current barrier at the end of the game, where there is nothing to do but grind farms. We are working on more end-game features, being able to obtain valuables such as shulkers without flooding the economy with them and making PvP more worthwhile.
Once 1.20 comes closer, we will be talking about some of these new things more in detail.
For now, we have had a lot of feedback on the current crates. We are working hard on making these crates get closer to the economy there currently is, and change some of the rewards to be more worth it.

| Prisons

With the cool updates that we have planned for Skyblock, Minigames and Survival, Prisons is kind of falling outside of the boat. We are aware that the economy is kind of in a weird place where new players can't really move forward, and the older players are stuck too. We are looking into changing this, as well as bringing new content to Prisons to make it more enjoyable for everyone. We are especially looking for your feedback on Prisons, and new ideas that we could add. This can be done in the suggestions forum as we have talked about above, which can be found in our Discord!

| Creative

Creative has not had an update in a while, and we are looking to change that. We are currently working on a system to have a monthly build competition, so the builders of the community can show of their skills and win some prizes!

That concludes the community roundup blog post. During the roundup, we did ask those who were there for feedback on the server and we received a lot of great suggestions and ideas for change that we can implement - we'll be looking into a lot of those over the next few days. We won't cover that feedback in these blog posts however.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you all at the next community roundup again!