Hey everyone, today we're happy to announce the release dates for the Creative and Survival resets, as well as discuss some of the things we'll be adding to both servers in the resets.


Saturday 4th June @ 4 PM EST


Saturday 18th June @ 4 PM EST

Before we continue, please keep in mind that a reset means everything that you had previously done on the server will now be gone. Continue reading to find out more.

NOTE: The Survival reset has been delayed from the 11th of June to the 18th of June @ 4 PM EST.

| Creative Reset

Creative will predominantly stay the same, with one major change being that Creative will now be on version 1.18.2, so you'll be able to use all the new Caves & Cliffs blocks.

On top of making Creative version 1.18.2, we've also added a brand new spawn! Take a sneak peek at the new spawn below.

We hope to see you on for the Creative reset this upcoming weekend, Saturday 4th @ 4 PM EST!

| Survival Reset

For the Survival reset, we've decided that we're going to go back to the original roots of Survival, back to what made it great. On top of that, we're also updating Survival to 1.18.2, and of course that means it'll include a fully fleshed out Caves and Cliffs world, with all the new terrain generation, blocks and items.

One of the most requested features that we add back to Survival was the shop. In the old Survival server, we only had a limited amount of items available in the shop. Now, everything is available, including a bunch of spawners!

Much like Skyblock, spawners now have to be unlocked via killing a bunch of mobs that the previous spawner will spawn.

We can't wait to see you on for the Survival reset on Saturday 18th @ 4 PM EST!

That's about it for this announcement. We hope to see you on during the release of Creative (releasing June 4th @ 4 PM EST) and Survival (releasing June 18th @ 4 PM EST).

Thank you to those who helped with these resets, here's a list of credits: