Chasecraft Easter Update

The Easter Bunny has has brought us an all new Easter update! Including a limited time Easter Egg hunt event on all servers, an Easter themed hub and more! On top of that, you're able to use the Easter Eggs you find in the egg hunt on the new Easter Shop to buy exclusive Easter decorations, tags and a kit!

In order to make most out of the Easter update, we recommend that you have "Resource Packs" set to "Enabled" for Chasecraft or, click the "Yes" button when it prompts you about the resource pack upon login. If you're not quite sure what this all means, don't worry, click HERE to learn how to use resource packs! (they're cool!)

We're also activating a LIMITED TIME 40% OFF SALE on ALL store packages! This sale will run until the 7th of April!


Continue reading to find out more about this update!

| Easter Egg Hunt

We have hidden Easter Eggs all around the Prison, Survival and Creative spawns, as well as the regular Hubs and Minigame Hubs! Finding an egg gives you 1 egg currency that can be used to buy Easter decorations, tags or the limited time Easter kit!

How do I find Easter Eggs?

Simply explore each of our server's spawns and you'll come across Easter Eggs! Each spawn contains a few dozen eggs that you can find, below is a list of how many eggs you'll find in each spawn:

  • Hubs - 10 Eggs in all 5 Hubs (50 in total)
  • Minigame Hubs - 10 Eggs in all 3 Hubs (30 in total)
  • Builders & Grinders Spawns - 30 Eggs
  • Prison Spawn - 30 Eggs
  • Survival Spawn - 30 Eggs
  • Creative Spawn - 30 Eggs

That means you can find a total of 200 eggs between all server spawn's!

Easter Shop

When you find enough Easter Eggs, you can buy cool Easter themed decorations, tags or even the limited time Easter kit!

You can access the Easter shop with /eastershop or clicking the Bunny in the spawns of Builders, Grinders, Creative, Survival or Prisons.

The shop will only be available for a week, so better stock up quick!

| Limited time Easter Hat

Just like last year we’re bringing back the Easter Hat! This hat is available on our store @!

| Easter Hub

The Easter Bunny has stopped by our main Hub and given it a little Easter-makeover. Go check out the new Easter themed Hub, explore all of the colorful Easter eggs scattered around and say hello to the giant Easter Bunny at spawn!

That's about it for this update! We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits!