The Easter Update

The Easter Update has arrived to the Chasecraft Minecraft server. An Easter Basket Hunt is now active as well as a new Easter Bunny Hat, Easter Bunny Plushie, Easter Sword & Shield and Easter themed tags are available for purchase on the store and server!

In order to make most of this Easter update work, we've added a resource pack to Chasecraft. We recommend that you have "Resource Packs" set to "Enabled" for Chasecraft or you click the "Yes" button when it prompts you about the resource pack upon login. If you're not quite sure what this all means, don't worry, click HERE to learn how to use resource packs! (they're cool!)

To purchase some of the new Easter stuff added in this update, head to!


For the next week, the Easter Basket Hunt event will be active on all servers! The Easter Bunny has scattered a bunch of Easter Baskets for you to find around the Chasecraft Minecraft server. Each Easter Basket gives you an Easter Egg which can be used to purchase lots of special Easter related cosmetics & items.

➤ Where do I find an Easter Basket?

The Hub servers (Hub-1, 2 & 3) each have 10 Easter Baskets in the spawns. The game servers (Skyblock, Prison, Survival & Creative) each have 30 Easter Baskets hidden in the spawns. Can you find them all?

An Easter Basket looks like the below image:


Once you've found an Easter Basket, you'll be given an Easter Egg that you can spend on the in game Easter Shop available on any of the game servers (Skyblock, Prison, Survival & Creative). You can purchase cosmetics such as tags & trails or items such as an Easter Sword, Easter Shield or placeable Easter Eggs!

To start buying things at the Easter Shop, visit the Easter Bunny located at /spawn!

The Easter Shop will only be available for the next 7 days, so you better start buying!


We've added two new cosmetic items, the Easter Bunny Hat & Plushie. The Easter Bunny Hat can be worn on your head whenever and the plushie can be placed in your base whenever! We've also added the Easter Sword and Shield, both feature cool reskins of the Diamond Sword and Shield, with the Diamond Sword having some enchantments on it too! You can purchase a Bunny Hat, Plushie, Sword & Shield off of the store @

That's it for the Easter update! On behalf of the Chasecraft Server Team, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy and safe Easter, it's a weird world out there at the moment so hopefully everyone can have a fun Easter with there family and friends, online! Remember to stay home and wash your hands!!

- Chasecraft Server Team