Prison Mine Crates, Private Mines, Backpacks, Pets & More

Hey everyone!

Today we've got a Prison update for you, and boy is it a big one! We noticed how much features Prison missed, it was pretty boring so we went ahead and spiced it up with tons of new features!

In this update we added:

  • Private Mines, purchasable off of the store
       ▪  Includes 4 different mine types
       ▪  Can be placed in your own plot
  • All new Prison Pets; pets that give you abilities
  • Upgradable Backpacks allowing you to store more mined materials
  • Mine Crates that give epic rewards, discoverable via mining

Continue reading to find out all the details about everything we added!

| Private Mines

It's all in the name! They're mines that can be placed on your own plot, meaning it can only be accessed by you or anyone added to your plot! We've added 4 different types of mines, each mine can be purchased off of the store and each spawn with their own set of blocks.

Each mine is 5 blocks wide and 15 blocks deep, with the Iron and Gold private mines resetting every 15 minutes and the Diamond & Emerald mines resetting every 20 minutes!

As we mentioned above, you can purchase private mines off of the store. Simply head to!

| Backpacks

It's pretty annoying when your inventory constantly fills up so you have to constantly sell all of your items, well backpacks aim to give you more inventory space and allow you to not have to go to the sell all NPC so frequently! If your inventory is full and you've got a backpack on you, all the items that you mine will start going into the backpack - you'll then be able to sell all of your items in your inventory and your backpack!

Backpacks come in three different tiers, each with more and more slots for you to store items in them! Tier I having 9 slots, tier 2 having 18 slots and tier 3 having 27 slots! Check the image below to see the different tiers.

We understand that sometimes it can be a bit difficult to distinguish what each backpack stores, therefore we've added two features that make it easier; backpack renaming & changing the color of your backpack. If a backpack should specifically store diamond blocks, well change the name to Diamonds and set the backpack color to blue and you're all setup - now you can easily find it!

| Prison Pets

A new feature to Prison is pets! We've got 3 pets that you can get, each giving you a different ability that'll either help you when mining or give you a bonus!

Slime Pet

The Slime pet gives you a 2x multiplier on all mined blocks that you sell.

Pillager Pet

The Pillager pet will double the amount of drops you get from mined blocks.

Llama Pet

The Llama pet will automatically sell all blocks in your inventory every few seconds.

You can obtain Prison pets through the store or via crates! Simply head to to get one today!

| Mine Crates

It's time that mining got a little bit more rewarding. Whilst mining, you now have the chance to find Mine Crates, allowing you to claim up to 3 rewards ranging from tokens to money and more!

Simply start mining in any mine, once you find a Mine Crate right-click it to open it and click on 3 of the white stained glass panes.

| Rank Up Fixes

This next change is pretty significant, so we thought we'd dedicate an entire section to it. It's mostly relevant to our Unspeakable rank donators!

Before this update our rank up system prevented Unspeakable ranks from ranking up, we wanted to fix that in this update. We've completely redone the rank up system, meaning Unspeakable ranks can now play Prison again! Woo!

This issue also affected Unspeakable himself, so now that it's fixed he can start playing Prison! Stay tuned for more content from Unspeakable on the Prison server.

| Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

  • Fixed ranking up for Unspeakable & staff ranks
  • Fixed crates sometimes not giving the rewards
  • Optimized the Prison server, should lag less when there's more players on it now
  • Added the chat filter to get rid of you nasty chat rule breakers
  • Fixed some spots in the pvp arena that people could glitch into/get stuck in
  • Fixed the 'Rank' and 'Next Rank' placeholders in the scoreboard
  • Added new NPCs around the spawn area & changed the general spawn area up to be more open
  • Added Private Mines, Pets, Tokens & Multipliers to the store.

That's it for this update! Stay tuned for more updates to our Skyblock server very soon.

Thanks to Paul, BlazingTide & QuickGlare for all the development regarding this update. We hope everyone enjoys this update!