New Friends System and Bug Fixes!

Hey everyone, this is a pretty small update but an important one nonetheless. As everyone is aware, commands like /msg, /tpa, /staff, etc have been broken - we've completely rewritten the system behind those commands so it's all fixed up now.

On top of that, we've added the new friends system! You can now make your friendship with other players official by typing /friend <player>, once you do this you'll have the ability to private message them and you'll get notified when they log into or out of the server.

Don't worry though, you're still able to private message staff members without being their friend! You can view every friend you currently have added through /friend list. Find out other friend commands by typing /friend help.

Anyway, onto the list of things we've fixed!

| Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Reduced lag on Minigames a little, we're aware there is still some lag and we are actively investigating into it and fixing it when we can!
  • Fixed /msg and /r not working
  • Fixed /tpa, /tpaccept and /tpdeny not working
  • Fixed /staff not working
  • Fixed /tp and /tptoggle not working
  • Fixed the staff list always showing 0 players
  • Rewrote the system that handles all of the above commands (and our staff commands) so it performs better and doesn't break again!

That's about it for this small update! Stay tuned for some bigger updates coming to Survival and Prison in the next week or so.

We'll also be writing up another blog post in a couple of days regarding the reset for Skyblock that'll happen as we work on a more bigger update that's set to come out in a couple of months. This decision comes after the recent poll had 300 votes to reset Skyblock against 50 votes to not.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits.