Announcing Skyblock Green

Hey everyone,

Today we're going to be announcing the release of Skyblock Green!


Saturday 31st @ 3PM EST

For a full list of changes and additions, keep reading below.


Skyblock Green introduces 5 new ranks that are separate to our Skyblock Mummy server.


  • Turtle Rank
  • Deer Rank
  • Bear Rank
  • Alligator Rank
  • Crocodile Rank

Please keep in mind that ranks do not transfer from any of the other Skyblock servers. Ranks and all other Green store packages will be available to buy on the store one hour before the release.


Skyblock Green will be our OP Skyblock server. All kits will have more OP items, most /shop prices will be cheaper, the crates will have more OP items and more!

The block values will also be increased, meaning you'll be able to get crazy high island levels. However, this means the /levels island level requirements will be increased.


To add to the OP aspect of Skyblock Green, we have introduced 3 new spawners:

  • Silverfish Spawner Drops Diamonds
  • Villager Spawner Drops Emeralds
  • Witch Spawner Drops Emerald Blocks


  • Made heaps of things more OP
  • There are now more of each item & more OP items in the kits
  • The enchantments on items of kits are now more OP
  • Crates items are now more OP
  • Most of the /shop prices are now cheaper
  • Increased the block values so you get more island levels per ore block
  • Added 5 new ranks
  • Added 3 new spawners
  • Added the "Swamp" Island

Let us know what you think of these changes!

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We can't wait to see you at the release on Saturday the 31st @ 3PM EST,
- ChaseCraft Team