Halloween Update - New Bedwars Maps, Pumpkin Hunt, Halloween Shop + MORE!

It's that time of the year again, the Halloween has arrived on Chasecraft and this year we have a lot of new things for you to check out, such as 3 brand new Bedwars maps, a reskinned Halloween Hub, a server-wide Pumpkin Hunt, an in game Halloween Shop, a new Halloween Crate, cosmetics and more to buy on the store! All of this is only available for the month of October, so check it out now and take advantage before it runs out!

On top of all that, we're also hosting several Halloween events all throughout October. Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to see our Halloween event schedule!

Continue reading to find out more about this update.

| 3 New Bedwars Maps

That's right, we've added 3 brand new Halloween themed maps to Bedwars that'll only be available during the month of October. Here's a sneak peek at each of these maps, go play Bedwars and you might be queued into the new maps!

We decided to take a different approach to these maps as well, these maps are built in a way that gameplay should be quick paced. Each island is close together and everything is mostly open, yet there are vantage points all throughout the maps. Let us know if you enjoy this new style of a Bedwars map and we'll be sure to introduce it in some more upcoming permanent maps!




| Halloween Hub Reskin

It's not Halloween without a Halloween Hub! We've reskinned the main Hub, introducing some new spooky decorations. Here's a sneak peek, go check it out in game too!

| Pumpkin Hunt & Halloween Shop

The Pumpkin King has hidden 300 of his valuable pumpkins all throughout the Chasecraft server. The pumpkins are so valuable that they are traded for spooky Halloween items and cosmetics on the Halloween Shop on our Skyblock, Survival, Prison and Creative servers!

The Halloween Shop allows you to buy Halloween decorations and spooky Halloween cosmetics such as the Sword and Shield, disguises and tags!

| Unspookable Rank, Halloween Crate & Cosmetics

We've bought back the Unspookable rank and introduced the all new Halloween crate for the first time as well as added a few cosmetic things, all of which that you can purchase on our store by clicking here.

All of the Halloween store content is LIMITED TIME only, they will no longer be available after October until next year! Make sure to take advantage of it now!

Unspookable Rank

The Unspookable rank is back! Just like last year, the Unspookable rank is available to purchase on either Skyblock, Survival or Prison and will get you a bunch of cool perks, here are a few of them:

  • UNSPOOKABLE Chat & Tablist Prefix
  • Unspookable Kit
  • Tons of new commands like /hat, /enderchest, /craft and more!
  • Loads of perks like keeping EXP on death, 2x 6 row playervaults, more homes and more!

Click here to buy the LIMITED TIME Unspeakable Rank.

Halloween Crate

We've had a Christmas Crate before, but never a Halloween crate! We're very excited to introduce the new Halloween crate, now available on Skyblock, Survival and Prison! The Halloween crate allows to you win a bunch of cool stuff such as the Halloween Sword or Shield, kits, disguises, money and more as well as some server-specific perks like pets on Skyblock or ore blocks on Prison!

Skyblock Crate Preview

Click here to buy the LIMITED TIME Halloween Crate.


We've also bought back the Halloween cosmetics; including the tags, Halloween Hat, Sword & Shield! All available for purchase for a limited time only.

Click here to check out the LIMITED time cosmetics and click here to check out the LIMITED TIME tags!

| Halloween Event Schedule

Our team has put together a bunch of Halloween themed events to run throughout October, all of which anyone can join! Each event will be ran on a weekend, here are the events we'll be running and their dates. We'll announce the time that each event starts on our Discord, click here to join it.

October 2nd - Skyblock Spooky Miners
In this event, players will need to mine blocks to earn points, rarer blocks will earn you more points, however the Pumpkin King's monsters will be attempting to prevent you from mining them. Defeat monsters and mine all the blocks to win!

October 9th - Survival Treasure Hunt
The Pumpkin King has hidden Pumpkin Piñatas all throughout Survival's overworlds, find them and obtain some epic rewards. If you find the most Piñatas, you'll win the event! But becareful, as the Pumpkin King's monsters are there to prevent you!!

October 16th - Prison King of the Pumpkin
In this event, all players must try to be the King of the Pumpkin! Whoever can stay on top of the pumpkin the longest will win an epic prize!

October 17th to 31st - Creative Halloween Build Competition
We'll be hosting a Creative Halloween Build Competition that'll last from October 17th to the 31st! The theme for this event has yet to be decided and will be announced soon on our Discord, click here to join. If you have an idea for the theme, let us know there!

October 23rd - The Pumpkin Menace
We'll be hosting another Skyblock event on October 23rd! In this event, you'll enter the PvP arena and fight waves of mobs, each mob giving you a reward when you kill it. That reward could be a range of things, like exclusive Halloween items or simple yet OP Skyblock items.

October 30th - Pumpkin King Adventure
The Halloween Event will be the final and grand event to end off Halloween! In this event, we'll open up the Event server and all players will need to navigate through the Pumpkin King's maze and take on his spooky parkour before fighting him in a giant battle at the end!

We're so excited for you to join us on this Halloween journey on Chasecraft, we hope you all enjoy the new Bedwars maps and the Pumpkin Hunt and hope to see you on during one, or if not all of our Halloween events!

Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits:

  • ConstructorLeo - Project Lead & Game Design
  • 626Stitchy - Worked on setting up Halloween shop, crates and store content
  • Wolfykyu - Worked on setting up Halloween shop & crates
  • RendermanL - Built new Halloween maps
  • Mishalio - Planning and coordinating Halloween events
  • Jab - Developed cool Halloween Event stuff