Chasecraft's Spooky Halloween Update

Hey! It's that time of the year again, Halloween has arrived on Chasecraft with an all new spookified update.

A long with all the new additions, join us every Sunday throughout October to participate in the Halloween events! With Ghost in the Graveyard set for October 11th, a spookified Among Us tournament set for October 18th, Capture the Pumpkin on October 25th and something extra spooky and mysterious on Halloween day...

In this update we added:

  • Spookified Halloween Spawns
      ▪  New Hub, Prison and Skyblock Spawn rethemes
  • Halloween Pumpkin Hunt and Halloween Shop
      ▪  Find the Pumpkin King's pumpkins on the Hub, Prison and Skyblock spawns
      ▪  Spend the pumpkins you find on the Halloween Shop in Prison & Skyblock
  • New LIMITED TIME Spooky rank purchasable on the store
  • New Halloween Hat and Monthly Crate purchasable on the store

Continue reading to find out all the details on everything we added in this update!

| Spookified Halloween Spawns

Our spawns have received a spooky make over for the month of October, to celebrate all things Halloween! Find out what lurks around these new spawns, it's truly spooktacular!

Go and explore the new Skyblock Builders, Grinders, Enchanters, PvPers, Prison and Hub spawns, plenty of ghosts, ghouls and pumpkins await you!

| Halloween Pumpkin Hunt & Halloween Shop

The Pumpkin King has hidden pumpkins all throughout the Skyblock, Prison and Hub spawns! Hub 1 through to 9 each have around 10 pumpkins to find, all four Skyblock spawn servers have around 40 pumpkins to find and Prison also has around 40 to find!

Every pumpkin that you find can be spent on the Halloween Shop in the Skyblock & Prison servers! Buy new limited time Halloween decorations, kits, tags, spooky mob spawn eggs and more.

Keep in mind that the Halloween Shop will only be available throughout October, the Pumpkin King will disappear until next year's Halloween season!

| LIMITED TIME Spooky Rank

We've added a new LIMITED TIME rank to the store; the Spooky rank! Giving you access to all sorts of commands, such as /hat, /ptime and more as well as a bunch of perks like joining servers when they're full!

You can purchase the new Spooky rank at!

| New Halloween Hat & Monthly Crate

As we've done for Easter and our 1 year anniversary, we've added the Halloween Hat! A cosmetic item that shows off how ready you are for this year's Spooky season!

We've also added something new to the store, the Halloween Monthly Crate! This is something we've never done before, but we're truly excited to do. This monthly crate gives you the possibility to win a bunch of cool items and perks, you can win regular, rare and OP stuff!

Much like everything else in this update, both the hat and the monthly crate will only be available for purchase throughout October, once Halloween ends they'll be gone (until next Halloween at least...)! Be sure to take advantage of these limited time packages today by heading to!

Anyway, that's it for this update! We really hope you enjoy everything we've added in this Halloween update.

Also join us this Friday the 9th of October for the release of our new Minigame; Among Us! This will be a persistent game, meaning it's there forever! We'll be hosting multiple tournaments on it with Unspeakable himself, where he'll be playing with other YouTubers.

Thanks, enjoy!