Announcing Skyblock Yeti Release!



What's up everyone,

Today we're going to be announcing the release of Skyblock Yeti!

Saturday 17th @ 3PM EST

For a full list of changes and additions, please keep reading.


Skyblock Yeti introduces 5 new ranks that are separate to our Skyblock Mummy server.

  • Penguin Rank
  • Reindeer Rank
  • Fox Rank
  • Polarbear Rank
  • Yeti Rank
Please keep in mind that ranks do not transfer from Skyblock Mummy to Skyblock Yeti. Ranks and all other Yeti store packages will be available to buy on the store one hour before the release.


The Island Bank is your one stop shop for all island upgrade related things. You can purchase ore generator upgrades, member limit upgrades and more from the Island Bank.

The Banker has opened up two of his upgrade shops: Ore Generator Upgrades and Member Limit Upgrades.

Ore generator upgrades allow you to add different ores to your cobblestone generator. You can upgrade your ore generator 7 times, each upgrade offers a different ore to be generated.

This image shows all of the possible ore generator upgrades.

The member limits upgrade allows you to, of course, upgrade the amount of members you can add to your island. By default, you can have up to 4 members on your island. You can increase this member limit in the member limit upgrades shop.


You can visit the Banker by heading to the big gold pot that's found in front of spawn to the right.


The Mines offer you a good start to your Skyblock island. In the mines, you can mine iron and coal ore as well as stone! We also recommend talking to the Ore Generator Upgrades NPC in the mines.

You can find the mines to the right of the spawn.


Skyblock Yeti differs from our Skyblock Mummy server in terms of quality of life features. We are planning to update the Skyblock Mummy server sometime in the near future to include all of the new and improved quality of life features that Skyblock Yeti has. Below we have listed some of the changes and additions we have done.

  • Updated the Help Menu
    • Includes information on newer features
    • Easier to read and understand
    • More informative
  • Added a Tutorial
    • An NPC can be seen in front of the spawn, interact with this NPC to be taken on the tutorial
    • The tutorial will tell you about some of our features
  • NPCs & Informative Holograms for Features
    • Most of our major features now have a designated area
    • Each designated area gives you information on how to use a particular feature
    • You can access some of these features in the warp menu or by walking around
  • Added a command to toggle the scoreboard (/toggleboard)
  • Added an updates menu that displays all of the latest updates (/updates)
  • Added the Island Bank
  • Added the Mines
  • Added Island Expansions
  • Added 5 new ranks
  • Added the "Winter" Island
  • Fixed a ton of bugs and changed a few other small things.
Let us know what you think of these changes! Most of these will be coming to Skyblock Mummy in an update in the near future, if you have any suggestions regarding these changes, or have some ideas regarding more quality of life changes, be sure to let us know by commenting it below!

We're also hosting a Yeti rank giveaway on our Discord. Click here to join the Discord!

We can't wait to see you at the release on Saturday the 17th @ 3PM EST,
- ChaseCraft Team
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Can someone please tell me how to get on:rolleyes:
Now please!
Hi can you please help me join the server🙁
How do we get on the server please?
How do you get on the server
I don't know how to get on the server eather.
how do i get into a server
How do I get in the server if anyone know's can you please tell me ;]
  1. Open Minecraft Java Edition
  2. Either click "Direct Connect" or "New Server"
  3. In the address bar, type the server address:
  4. Play on chasecraft