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Welcome to the ChaseCraft: Java Edition Minecraft Server. This network is being built alongside the ChaseCraft iOS and Android App. This network will adopt the App’s lore, meaning, each sub-server will be themed towards a specific ChaseCraft Boss and contain unique features therein. This network is non-p2w and promotes a safe and all age compatible atmosphere.

Make sure to join our Discord if you haven't already: http://discord.chasecraft.gg
If you haven't already, checkout our store: http://store.chasecraft.gg

If you're a part of Discord you've probably seen the sneak peeks that we've been releasing over the last week or so, here they are:


Who’s ready to fight your favorite ChaseCraft Boss? It looks like the Mummy Boss has spawned and is waiting for a group of adventurers to challenge him. Did you know defeating the Mummy Boss will grant you rewards across the entire network? P.S. If you look hard, you can see the servers that we’ll be launching with.

The ChaseCraft: Java Edition Minecraft Server will have large scale player-vs-boss battles featuring your favorite bosses: Mummy Boss, Skeleton Boss, Green Boss, Wolf Boss. P.S. Did you know, on the death of a boss there’s a small chance of it dropping ultra-rare artifacts?

Why waste your time with an old-fashioned cobble-generator when you could use a Mummified Block instead? You only have a chance to obtain this artifact by contributing to a player-vs-boss battle, specifically, the Mummy Boss! P.S. Can anyone spot the Easter egg in the image below?

This Cursed Block Artifact will release a variety of curses upon the land it is placed on. Be sure you trust your island-members! This artifact has a 0.001% drop chance when participating in a player-vs-boss battle. Don’t worry though, the damage caused by the Cursed Block Artifact will be reverted after 30 minutes! P.S. I hope Unspeakable doesn’t troll your island with a Cursed Block!

This is only a scratch into what's to come. We're frequently releasing sneak peeks on our Discord server, make sure you're a part of it!
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Great release! Excited to see what the future of this server holds!


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