May's Monthly Recap

Welcome to our second monthly recap. This blog post will go over everything exciting that happened this month, such as top voters of May, new content, staff changes, bug fixes and monthly statistics!

This month we announced a major update to our Skyblock servers, coming soon; Skyblock 2.1, we also added 1.16.1 support and released a new set of global ranks called the Unspeakable Ranks!

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Here's a list of May's top 10 voters! The players who vote the most each month recieve some pretty cool rewards such as store vouchers and crate keys!

Could all winners please contact ConstructorLeo#0001 on Discord.

#1. Aboscuss

461 Votes

$20 Store Voucher

#2. Super_Nadav

438 Votes

$10 Store Voucher

#3. sammynova

438 Votes

20x Vote Crate Keys

#4. NewBayne

398 Votes

15x Vote Crate Keys

#5. AnyFireDog

384 Votes

10x Vote Crate Keys

Want to be on this leaderboard? It's super easy, simply join Creative or a Skyblock server and type /vote, click all 3 links that pop up in the chat and enter your username in the website. You can do this 3 times every single day, and the best thing is you get free rewards by doing it!!

The leaderboard has been reset for the month of June.


Here's a recap of all the major updates that happened to Chasecraft during the month of May!

➤ Prison Server Release

We started May off by releasing a brand new server to Chasecraft 2.0: Prison! Our Prison server features ranks A to Z allowing you to rank up through the ranks and mine in each of the mines, giving you access to a new set of blocks for you to sell and make lots of money off!

You can access our Prison server by simply typing /prison in game or using the server selector or portals in the Hubs!

➤ Skyblock-4 Server Release

As Chasecraft continues to grow, we released a 4th Skyblock server to cater the hundreds of players playing on Chasecraft every day! This will be the last Skyblock server we add for a while, now it's time to focus on Skyblock updates!

➤ The Bundles & Crates Update

During May we also released a set of 4 new Bundles: the Pro Bundle, the Super Bundle and the Ultimate Bundle as well as the Unspeakable subscription Bundle. We also released a brand new crate, called the Spawner Crate which allows you to win different types of spawners.

Both the bundles and the crate are available on the Skyblock servers and can be purchase on our store @!


Here's a list of this month's staff changes. We also introduced a new developer to our development team, ItsEternity, earlier on in the month!

➤ Admins

  • Mishalio Sr Mod Admin [Promotion]

➤ Sr Mods

  • CountryFangirl Mod Sr Mod [Promotion]
  • iDath Mod Sr Mod [Promotion]
  • Astronomized Mod Sr Mod [Resigned]

➤ Mods

  • DoubleNN Helper Mod [Promotion]
  • Aboscuss Helper Mod [Promotion]
  • AnyFireDog Helper Mod [Promotion]
  • Chromastle Helper Mod [Promotion]
  • Melina Helper Mod [Promotion]
  • Shadowey93 Mod [Returning Staff]

➤ Helpers

  • DragoChild Trainee Helper [Promotion]
  • AnyFireDog Trainee Helper [Promotion]
  • Shinjuu Trainee Helper [Promotion]
  • Chromastle Trainee Helper [Promotion]
  • Melina Trainee Helper [Promotion]
  • Hydz_Gaming Trainee Helper [Promotion]

➤ Trainee's

  • Hydz_Gaming Trainee [New Staff]
  • Emtae820 Trainee [New Staff]


We've gathered all the logged bug fixes we've done to Chasecraft during May. Keep in mind, this list only shows the bug fixes we've made public, there are a ton more that haven't been logged and therefore won't show in this list.

  • Disabled flight in the PvP worlds of Skyblock & Prison.
  • Added Combat log into Prison.
  • Added disguises for ranked players into Prison.
  • Disabled fall damage in the spawn, plots & pvp worlds in Prison.
  • Made the pvp spawn a protected zone in Prison.
  • Fixed crates giving the wrong permissions when winning a reward in Prison & Skyblock 2, 3 & 4.
  • Fixed mob coins giving the wrong permissions when buying something in Skyblock 2, 3 & 4.
  • Players can no longer use mine bombs in the plot world in Prison.
  • Fixed the medium mine bomb not breaking any blocks in Prison.
  • Players can now use /undisguise in Prison.
  • Fixed Ruby rank showing double enchantments on the axe & pickaxe in Prison.
  • Fixed the /pets menu on Skyblock 4.
  • Turned on keepInventory on Skyblock 2, 3 & 4.
  • Fixed Mummy rank not being able to use coloured signs in Skyblock.
  • You can now sell Bamboo for $1/each in Skyblock.
  • Fixed mob drops for Silverfish, Pillagers and Vindicators in Skyblock.
  • Players now get notified when receiving a warn or mute on all servers.
  • Fixed not being able to light nether portals on Skyblock 4.
  • Tags now show the right description in the mob coins shop on Skyblock.
  • Fixed the messaging on the /is biomes menu in Skyblock.
  • Added an entity clear on Skyblock to help reduce lag.
  • Disabled mob griefing in the island worlds on Skyblock.
  • Fixed a typo in the Unspeakable Bundle description on the store.
  • Removed trench pickaxes entirely from crates and mob coins on Skyblock.
  • Disabled /tpaccept on the PvP spawn island in Skyblock.
  • Disabled the weather and daylight cycles on Creative 2.


We've gathered this months statistics. We hit even more milestones during the month of May, including reaching 30,000 Discord members and hitting 875 concurrent players!

The (+#) parts are how much the statistic has gone up since last month.

Unique Players: 53,838 (+31,037)

Concurrent Players: 875 (+292)

May Website Visitors: 103,952 (+29,253)

Discord Members: 32,036 (+5,494)

Staff Members: 16 (+1)

Created Skyblock Islands: 47,689 (+27,003)

That's it for this month's recap! We'd like to thank everyone very much for your continued support of Chasecraft, we're very lucky to have an amazing community. We also turned 1 year old this month which is absolutely incredible to us, it may not seem like a while but it's absolutely awesome to all of us!

- Chasecraft Server Team