Minigames Shuts Down November 30th

Today comes with some sad news for our Minigame servers as we are going to be shutting them down for the foreseeable future. However, this does not mean that Minigames will be gone forever.

For the last few months, Minigames hasn't received much love at all and over time it's just completely stopped working. Right now we are busy focusing on other areas of the network that deserve more improvement and therefore we do not feel that it's the right time to focus on Minigames and try fix it up right now.

As we mentioned above, this does not mean that we want to shut Minigames down forever. Once Prison has released and we've pushed out a few more updates for both Skyblock and Survival we'll begin working on a revamped version of Minigames that'll also include new features and even new games! We expect this work to start early 2022 (next year), however, don't expect Minigames to reopen until late 2022.

We are sorry that we have had to break this sad news to you all, we all know many of you liked Minigames and would've loved it to have some attention. We hope you can look forward to when we're able to put time into revamping it. For now, we hope you enjoy our newly released Survival server, as well as the new Skyblock and that you're looking forward to the new upcoming Prison reset!

Thank you.