Minigames Update - NEW Ranks and Cosmetics

We're back with another Minigames update! Today we've added 5 new Minigame ranks, a bunch of cosmetics unlockable via a new currency called Chase Coins, released the map selector and a ton of optimisations to map loading! You can buy the new Minigame ranks on the store by clicking here, Chase Coins can also be bought on the store by clicking here.

As mentioned above, we've optimised map loading so it should be 10x faster than before, no need to wait ages for a new game to load up if none are available. If you do happen to find any bugs remember to report them on our Discord!

Continue reading to find out more regarding this update!

| Minigame Ranks

We've added 5 Minigame ranks, these ranks give you access to a bunch of cosmetics, allow you to fly in the Minigame Hubs, give you a cool prefix in chat and tablist, allow you to choose what map you want to play on. We plan on adding more cosmetics and perks to the ranks as we continue to update Minigames!

Map Selector

The Map Selector is a new feature that only Minigame ranks can access. You're now able to choose what map you'd like to play on any Minigame using the Map Selector rather than the game choosing a random map for you to play on.

If you have a Minigame rank and are the leader of a party, joining a map through the Map Selector will also teleport all players in your party to the map you chose!


| Minigame Cosmetics

We've added a total of 67 cosmetics in Bedwars and Among Us. To get yourself a cosmetic you can either buy a rank and get a handful for free or you can buy Chase Coins on the store and spend them on cosmetics. Here's a list of all the different types of cosmetics you can get:

Bedwars Cosmetics

  • Arrow Trails - featuring 10 different arrow trails
  • Hats - featuring 15 different hats
  • Kill Message Packs - featuring 4 different packs with 3 kill messages in each

Among Us Cosmetics

  • Trails - featuring 8 different trails
  • Hats - featuring 15 different hats
  • Pets - featuring 15 different pets

From now on, every Minigame update that we do we plan to add a few more cosmetics, so you'll never run out of cosmetics that you can unlock! We'll also continue to add more free cosmetics to the Minigame ranks.

That's about it for this update! We can't wait to start seeing players who have bought the new Minigame ranks pop up in game. Tweet us a picture of your Minigame rank on our Twitter, click here to follow.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits.