Announcing Skyblock Mummy Season 2

Skyblock Mummy season 2 is just around the corner! Season 2 means that we are resetting Skyblock Mummy as a whole, giving new players a fair chance to play and existing players a more competitive play style!


Saturday 14th @ 9AM CST

Season 2 is getting a whole lot more competitive... we are introducing Island Top rewards that will be given out every 2 weeks until the end of the season. We'll discuss this in more detail below. All of our Skyblock servers have their own feature, Skyblock Yeti is regular Skyblock and Skyblock Green is OP Skyblock. Skyblock Mummy will be the custom enchants Skyblock!

To prepare for season 2, we will be bringing Skyblock Mummy offline on the 13th at 12 AM EST.

Continue reading to find out more about Skyblock Mummy season 2!


As we stated above, season 2 means that we are resetting Skyblock Mummy as a whole. Below we've listed everything you won't keep. Anything that is not listed below likely means you will keep it in season 2!

The following things will reset...

  • Your Island & Island Level
  • Your Player Level
  • Your Inventory & PlayerVault
  • Your Balance
  • Your Stats (kills, duel stats, etc.)
  • Your Mob Coins & Mob Coin Purchases
  • Leaderboards

If you have any questions or are uncertain about something that may be reset, please ask one of our friendly staff members!


Skyblock Mummy season 2 is about to get a lot more competitive. We are introducing island top rewards. At the end of every two weeks, the top 3 islands will receive some pretty neat rewards.

   🥇 1st Place - $50 PayPal reward
   🥈 2nd Place - $30 Store voucher
   🥉 3rd Place - $20 Store voucher

These rewards will be given to the ISLAND LEADER! In order to be eligible to recieve your reward, you must enter your Discord username & tag through the new /mydiscord command. The top 3 islands will be contacted via this Discord username, so make sure that it is correct (you will be able to re-enter your Discord username if it was entered incorrectly the first time)!

If your island wasn't able to set a Discord username in time, don't worry! We will try our best to reach out to the island top leader. However, if we are unable to get the Discord username of the island leader within the next payouts, we will have to skip you!


To differ Skyblock Mummy from the other Skyblock servers and add a bit more of a competitive nature to it, we're adding custom enchantments!

We've custom enchantments that range from PvP related enchantments to PvE enchantments. You'll be able to purchase custom enchantments for your armor, weapons or tools using experience points.

We've also added a new crate, the Global Enchants Crate! Just like regular global crates, purchasing a key will give it to not only yourself, but everyone online on Skyblock Mummy!

The Enchants Crate includes rewards related to the new custom enchantments. This crate contains things like enchanted books and special items such as scrolls, trackers and more!

This new crate will be available to purchase on our store when Skyblock Mummy season 2 launches.


That's it for Skyblock Mummy season 2! We can't wait to share this overall more competitive Skyblock season with our community. We'll see you on Saturday the 14th @ 9AM CST, and who knows, maybe Unspeakable will be there!?!?!? 👀

- Chasecraft Server Team