New Skyblock FAQ

Recently we created a poll on our Discord server, asking the community if they'd like us to merge all 3 of our Skyblock servers (Mummy, Yeti & Green) into one large Skyblock server! An astounding 263 people said yes!

During the time that the poll was up, we got a lot of good questions and concerns. In this post, we plan on answering most of your questions.

Anyway, continue reading to find answers to some of the frequently asked questions!


Please keep in mind, we aren't going to give answers to questions like "What new features is there going to be?" just yet! We'll get to those questions as we closer to releasing the new Skyblock server.

Q.1) What will happen to my donator rank?

Don't worry! Your rank will be transferred to the corresponding rank on the new Skyblock server. If you have the Mummy rank, you'll get a rank equivelant of that one (rank #5). If you have two ranks on two servers, you'll be given the highest rank you have on one of these servers and the other will be converted to an exclusive currency!

Q.2) Will my stuff be reset?

Most of your stuff will. Treat this like a regular Skyblock reset (like the Skyblock Mummy reset). Your island, player level, quests, ore generators, inventory, playervault, balance, stats (kills, duel stats, etc), mob coins & mob coin purchases & leaderboards will be reset. You will keep ALL store purchases such as ranks, perks, etc.

Q.3) What will be added to the new Skyblock?

We can't give out all the juicy details on what we plan on adding, but because I'm too impatient to keep a lot of these secret, here are a FEW of them! Machines, upgradable hoppers, battle pass, new custom enchantments, missions and much, much more than we can't spoil just yet!

Q.4) Will there be island top rewards like Skyblock Mummy?

Yes! In fact, we'll be having more rewards to give out to even more of the top islands, and we'll be making the prize pool bigger than what it currently is on Skyblock Mummy!

Q.5) What version will the new Skyblock be?

The new Skyblock will be utilising version 1.15.2, which is great news as we'll be able to use many of the new features and mechanics that come with the later versions of Minecraft, such as a custom resource pack with many new models and cool items.

Q.6) Will there be some sort of QA team to test it before release?

Yes. A QA team is a Quality Assurance team. This team tests all gamemodes and new updates that go on the server before they release, essentially attempting to break the server in as many ways as possible and then reporting it to the Managers. Our QA team will require you to apply to possibly join, applications will be open soon to donators (yes, you don't need staff to join!!)

Q.7) When does the new Skyblock release?

Since this is a completely different and new Skyblock compared to our current ones, we expect development to take up to two months. However, we want to be as transparent as possible with the community, this involves constantly telling you how the development is going and making multiple polls so you can decide what should or should not be on the new Skyblock!

That's it for the FAQ, for now! Keep an eye on the #announcements & #polls channels on our Discord server for upcoming news, and make sure to check back into this post every now and then to see if any new questions have been added.

We will be releasing another blog post leading up to the release of the new Skyblock. We might even release more than one. Stay tuned!


- Chasecraft Server Team