New Website & Store

We've just released our new website! The new website now focuses mainly on our update post articles, rather than a forum. If you're missing the old forums, don't worry, you can do everything you could do on the old website and even more on our Discord.

You'll still be able to view the rules on the new website. Click here to go to the rules page. If you're looking to apply, you can do so by clicking here.

As well as the new website, we've also redesigned our store. Our store is now much more easily navigatable. With large buttons and better formatting/design, you'll never miss what you're looking for.

Please keep in mind that both the new website and the new store are in beta, so do expect bugs! If you happen to run into any, please report it on our Discord.

Have you followed us on Twitter yet? We recommend you do so you can easily get notified when we release updates, host giveaways and more!

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