Chasecraft Minecraft Version

In order to play the Chasecraft Minecraft server, you must connect using version 1.15.2 on Minecraft: Java Edition.

The Chasecraft Minecraft server does not support Minecraft: Bedrock. If you are trying to connect to Chasecraft through Minecraft: Bedrock, it will not work.

Please refer to the below contents on information on how to join Chasecraft:

Ensure that you have a paid account of Minecraft: Java Edition and then download the game from the official site. Please do not download the game from any other site.

Once Minecraft: Java Edition is installed, log into your Minecraft: Java Edition account. Using a Minecraft: Bedrock account won't work. You can use a friend or close relatives account, but you can not use free 'alt' accounts that are provided by certain websites - that is against our rules.

To ensure that you are playing on Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.15.2, follow the images below and know how to join Chasecraft. We've outlined the buttons you need to click to do so, in red.

If the button outlined in RED is set to: Latest release 1.15.2, you can simply click the PLAY button.

Click PLAY

If it is not set as Latest release 1.15.2 please refer to the images below:

As the button doesn't say Latest release 1.15.2, it means it's set to something else. In our case, it's set to Another release 1.14.2 but yours may say something different, that doesn't matter though! Simply click on the button and a pop up menu will appear, then click Latest release 1.15.2. Once you've clicked that, you'll be able to press PLAY.

Click PLAY

If you still don't see Latest release 1.15.2 please refer to the images below:

Click the Installations button. This button is found at the top of the launcher, towards the left side (also outlined in RED). Once you've clicked the Installations button, refer to the image below.

Once you've clicked the Installations button, look to the right side of the launcher. You'll see a Releases check box that's likely unchecked. Simply click on the Releases check box to tick it - the box on the left of the text should turn green with a white text in it.

Once you've done that, you are ready to play! Click on the Play button on the top left side of the launcher.

You can now click the big green PLAY button located at the bottom middle of the launcher.

Click PLAY

Once you've clicked that button, the game will launch. This may take a little while, but don't worry! Once it's up, you can join the server by using the IP

If you aren't sure how to join the server once the game is launched, refer to the images below:

Once Minecraft is launched, it should look like the above image. Click on the Multiplayer button (outlined in RED).

Once you click the Multiplayer button, this will likely show up (if it doesn't, ignore this part!). There is no need for you to worry about what is shown, all you need to do is simply click the Do not show this screen again message, a white checkmark should appear over the gray box, as shown in the image below:

This is what it will look like once you've clicked it.

To join Chasecraft, you need to click the Add Server button.

Now set the Server Name to Chasecraft and the Server Address to Make sure that the Server Resource Packs: button is set to ENABLED. This is very important!!! You may need to click that button multiple times for the ENABLED text to show up.

Once you've done all that, simply click the Done button!

Chasecraft should now be added to your server list! To join the server, click on what was just added. It should be highlighted in a white box as shown in the image below:

Once you've clicked it, a white box will appear behind it and the background will turn black.

Now that you've clicked it, simply click the Join Server button at the bottom left corner of the screen, as seen in the image below (highlighted in RED):

Now you've joined the Chasecraft server! It may take up to 1 minute to log into the server, once you're in simply click the Compass in your inventory, this will allow you to join our Skyblock, Prison, Survival or Creative server!

We hope you enjoy Chasecraft! If you want to know how to join our Discord, click the big card below:

Join the Chasecraft Discord Server!
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