How to play Chasecraft

To join Chasecraft, click on "multiplayer" then press "add server". Now set the "server name" to Chasecraft and the "server address" to Make sure that the "Server Resource Packs" button is set to ENABLED. Press "done" and you're ready to join.

Chasecraft is a Minecraft Java Edition multiplayer server offering Skyblock, Prison, Survival, Creative, Pixelmon and Minigames such as Bedwars, Among Us and Hide & Seek! Playing on Chasecraft is pretty easy, follow the step by step instructions (accompanied by GIF's) to find out how.

We've created two tutorials below, one on how you can play Minecraft Java Edition and another on how you can join the Chasecraft Server.

How to open Minecraft Java Edition.

Before going through the below steps, you must own a copy of Minecraft Java Edition. If you do not, you can easily buy one by clicking the link:

  1. Ensure your Minecraft Version is set to "Latest Release".
    It's important that you select the Latest Release, Chasecraft only supports that version!
  2. Now click the big green "Play" button on your launcher.
  3. Wait for the game to load, then click the "Multiplayer" button.

Follow the below tutorial to find out how to play on the Chasecraft Server.

How to play on the Chasecraft Server.

Before going through the steps below, you must make sure that your Minecraft is on the Latest Release, Chasecraft only supports the latest version!

  1. In the Multiplayer page, click "Add Server" down the bottom right.
  2. Enter "Chasecraft" into the Server Name field.
  3. Enter "" into the Server Address field. (the IP)
  4. Click on "Server Resource Packs:" until it says "Enabled".
  5. Now click "Done".
  6. Click on the newly added Chasecraft server in your server list.
  7. Now you can click "Join Server" and start playing Chasecraft!

Once you're in, the server will download the resource pack. For more information on what the resource pack is, go to!

When the resource pack has been downloaded, click on the Compass in your inventory and choose a server to play on!