Potential Upcoming Survival Reset

Earlier today our Survival and Creative servers randomly crashed, causing several large issues in the process. We later identified the main culprit of the issue, which I'll describe in detail below.

Both Survival and Creative are hosted on the same dedicated server, Survival's three worlds are so big that they're taking up all of the space on that dedicated server (in fact, Survival alone is 700gb big!). This caused the dedicated server to start lagging out a lot, causing both Survival and Creative to start breaking to the point where data was unable to be accessed by certain features/systems that store it.

We did some temporary fixes to the dedicated server to fix this issue, but put emphasis on the word "temporary". Those fixes won't last, so we need to come up with some immediate long term fixes.

We believe the best way of achieving those long term fixes is through a total reset of Survival, which would allow us to get rid of the 700gb size of Survival and put new systems in place to ensure it doesn't get that big again.

Let's discuss a potential Survival reset

If we were to reset Survival, we'd introduce a system that allows us to have all three Survival worlds on different servers and potentially different dedicated servers which in turn would help with issues that cause lag and would also stop the issues that we had today from happening. We'd also be able to allow more players on Survival, which means more of your friends can play!

Would the reset update Survival to 1.17?
Yes, if we're able to reset Survival, we would update the server to 1.17, bringing in all of the new features from the Caves and Cliffs Update, Part 1.

What gets reset during a reset?
Your inventory, enderchest, balance, player vaults, land, all three overworlds, the end and the nether would get reset.

You would keep your rank and any other purchased perks, but not crate keys or personal and global boosters.

Will there be new features in the reset?
Yes, we try to add new features in every reset we do. I can't say exactly what features we'd add just yet, but be sure to find out in another blog post.

When would the reset be?
We'd be looking at releasing the reset in the next 1 to 2 months, so sometime before the end of October.

I hope this clears up any confusion surrounding a Survival reset. I'm sure most of the community is familiar with how resets work on Chasecraft, given that we are currently resetting Skyblock.

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff team if you have any questions or are continuing to have issues on Survival or Creative!

Thank you.