Prison Reset - New AFK Mine, 1000 Ranks, Enchants, Ore Tech & MORE!

Over the last week, we've been posting lots of sneak peeks of our new Prison reset on our Discord. We're happy to finally announce the release date for the reset, 5th of February @ 4 PM EST! There's LOTS of things to cover in this new Prison reset, so sit back and relax as we reveal all the new features.


Saturday 5th February @ 4 PM EST

In this reset, we've updated Prison from 1.15.2 to 1.17.1 and introduced a ton of new features. We'll go into more detail about the new features below, but here's a quick rundown:

  • 1,000 ranks to rankup to
  • 100 prestiges, with a new prestige crate
  • 7 new pickaxe enchantments
  • Tons of new blocks and mines
  • New AFK Mine feature
  • New Ore Tech feature
  • New Cracked Ores & Gem Shop feature
  • New changes to Backpacks
  • New Daily & Playtime rewards
  • Newly overhauled Crates

What exactly will be getting reset? Here's a rough list for you:

  • Your rank and prestige level
  • Your inventory, ender chest, player vaults and backpacks
  • Your money and tokens
  • Purchased mine bombs, private mines, multipliers, pets, crate keys & bundles

Ranks, perks and tags that you have purchased will not be reset however. If you don't have your rank on release, please create a ticket on our Discord by going to the #create-a-ticket channel.

| New Spawn

It wouldn't be a reset without a new spawn! Here's a quick sneak peek at what the new spawn looks like, we'll let you fully experience it in game on February 5th, 4 PM EST.

| 1,000 Rankups & 100 Prestiges

Every Prison server typically has ranks from A to Z, then a few prestiges. Our aim for this Prison server is that we will never have to reset it again, therefore, we need a rankup and prestiging system that will last a while.

We've swapped the A to Z rankups for a levelling system, with 1,000 levels to rankup throughout. Once you reach level 1,000, you'll be able to prestige. Prestiging will give you a Prestige Key which allows you to win various rewards such as multipliers, gems or ore tech. You'll also get a multiplier when prestiging.

Every 20 levels, you'll unlock a new mine. There's 50 new mines that you can unlock, each mine having a different block. Level 1 to 21 is the stone mine, level 441 to 461 is the deepslate coal ore mine and so on so forth.

You can access the Mines panel, and warp to a different mine by typing /mines.

| New Pickaxe Enchantments

We've added new pickaxe enchantments, meaning that there are now 7 enchantments that you can level up for your pickaxe. Each of the enchantments can be levelled up using tokens, which are found when mining. These enchantments include:

  • Efficiency - Increase the speed at which your pickaxe mines blocks.
  • Fortune - Increases the chance of obtaining more drops from blocks you mine.
  • Jackhammer - Allows your pickaxe to destroy a layer of the mine.
  • Token Detector - Increases the chances of finding more tokens when mining.
  • Bomber - Allows your pickaxe to destroy a sphere shaped area of the mine.
  • Cracked Ore Drill - Allows you to find more gems from cracked ores.
  • Sheep Miner - Spawns a sheep that'll break blocks and sell them for you.

Each of these enchantments will max at level 1,000. Bomber will max at level 600, whereas Token Detector maxes at level 200. Each level will increase the chance of the enchantment activating, or increase another aspect of the enchantment.

You can open the enchants menu by right-clicking your pickaxe in any mine. Here's a video showcasing enchantments:

| Introducing the AFK Mine

The AFK Mine is a brand new feature that we're introducing to our Prison server. Whenever you're away from the computer (like when you're eating lunch), you'll be able to sit in the AFK Mine and start automatically mining blocks. When you're back, you can exit the AFK Mine to sell everything you mined in that time.

While you're mining in the AFK Mine, you'll receive AFK Tokens which allow you to upgrade your pickaxe. Similarly to enchantments, you can upgrade certain aspects of your pickaxe such as increase it's mining speed or allow it to duplicate itself.

You can access the AFK Mine by walking into the cave in the mountain at spawn. Right-click your pickaxe while in the mine to open the upgrades menu. Here's a video showcasing the AFK Mine:

| Introducing Ore Tech

Ore Tech is a new way for you to generate ores whilst you're mining or offline. These are objects that you can place in your plot that'll then start generating ore blocks. There are two types of Ore Tech, Regular Tech and Super Tech - Super Tech will generate faster than the regular one.

Super Ore Tech Model

You can upgrade your Ore Tech by obtaining buffs. Applying a buff to your tech will increase it's productivity or give it a special perk. For example, I can obtain and apply the Shop Transmitter buff to have my Ore Tech automatically sell the blocks it generates. There are a total of 5 buffs:

  • Oil the Gears - Increases the speed of your ore tech by 20%
  • Ore Sieving - Gives your ore tech the chance to generate diamonds & emeralds alongside it's regular block.
  • Shop Transmitter - Automatically sells all of the generated items
  • Upgraded Reciever I - Gives your tech a 25% chance to double generated items
  • Upgraded Reciever II - Gives your tech a 50% chance to double generated items

By default, your tech will have 4 unlocked storage slots, with another 10 that can be unlocked via money. You can access the storage area and panel of your ore tech by right-clicking the tech itself.

Ore Tech can be obtained via the store or through crates or the gem shop. Buffs are obtained through crates and the gem shop. Here's a video showcasing Ore Tech:

| Introducing Cracked Ores & the Gem Shop

It's important to us that purchasable store content is also available for purchase using an in game currency, so you don't always need real life money to progress yourself forward. Skyblock and Survival have Mob Coins, so in this reset we're introducing the Gem Shop to Prison.

Items within the Gem Shop are purchased with a new currency called Gems. This currency is obtained by mining cracked ores, which you can come across while mining. A cracked ore will look like a regular block, but particles will be coming off of it and it'll look cracked. Breaking one will give you a few gems.

If you're planning on grinding out gems, we've made it a little easier with a pickaxe enchantment called Cracked Ore Drill, which will allow you to drill into a cracked ore and in turn receive more gems when it breaks.

You can access the Gem Shop by typing /gemshop in game.

| Backpacks Overhaul

We've completely overhauled backpacks. They still work the same, but they look cooler and can do just a little bit more! Take a look at this video showcasing backpacks before we go into some of the details:

We've added actual backpack items into the game, one of each colour that's available for backpacks. Customising your own backpack has never been better!

We've also made it so the Jackhammer and Bomber enchants will now put the items they break into your backpack, if your inventory is full. It'll also try fill up the most available backpack, rather than trying to fill up the backpack closest to slot 1 in your hotbar, that means you can fill your inventory with backpacks for tons of inventory space!

| Daily & Playtime Rewards

Daily and playtime rewards have arrived on Prison! Now you can claim 7 rewards every day, and tons of OP rewards if you have enough playtime! These rewards include money, tokens, mine bombs and more!

Daily Rewards

Playtime Rewards

| Overhauled Crates

The crates have been completely overhauled! Similarly to Skyblock and Survival, we've added the Epic, Ultimate and Legendary crates and removed previous crates. The Cosmetic, Vote and Vote Party crates are still here, but they just have different rewards in them!

You can win money, gems, tokens, AFK Mine time, Ore Tech, commands and more in all of the crates now!

Whew, that's about it for the Prison reset! There's so many new features, and for the first time in Chasecraft history, custom GUI's, items and blocks! We can't wait for you to join and experience the new Prison with us on February 5th @ 4 PM EST!

Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits:

  • ConstructorLeo - Project Lead & Game Design
  • 626Stitchy - Developing and polishing the majority of Prison
  • fergydanny - Developing pickaxe enchants
  • Teije - Developing AFK Mines, Tokens, Rank Ups, Prestiges & Gem Shop
  • QuickGlare - Putting the Prison resource pack together
  • qWolfy - Configurating everything
  • Ycar - Creating all of the custom textures for GUI's, blocks, items & models
  • Riana - Building the spawn
  • QA Team - Testing this update!