PRISON UPDATE - New Enchant Salvager, Multiplier Panel & Bug Fixes!

Today we're very proud to introduce Prison's first update which brings in a way to reset your pickaxe's enchants and get some tokens back, a multiplier panel for you to view your active multipliers on and tons of bug fixes.

Continue reading to find out more.

| Pickaxe Salvager

We've added a way for you to salvage a portion of the tokens from your pickaxe, which in return will remove all enchantments you have on your pickaxe. This is a great way for you to reset your pickaxe or obtain tokens from pickaxes you don't use.

When you click the salvage button, it'll prompt you to confirm this action. Upon confirming it, you'll be given back 50% of the tokens that you spent enchanting that pickaxe and all of the enchants on it will be removed.

| Multiplier Panel

Multipliers have been entirely rehauled, there were various bugs and issues with the previous system and most of all it's functionality was awful. We've introduced a new multiplier panel which will divide your multipliers into 3 sections; Personal, Prestige and Rank multipliers.

Personal multipliers display the multipliers that you receive from crates, gem shop or the store. Prestige multipliers display the multipliers that are given when you prestige. Rank multipliers display the multipliers that you receive from ranks, which right now is the Netherite rank.

There were a few issues with the prestige multipliers before we rehauled the system, those issues have now been fixed! If you're currently missing your prestige multipliers, you should receive them upon logging on. If you still don't have them, please open a ticket on our Discord.

| Bug Fixes

We're almost done with this update! Let's discuss the various bug fixes we've made since release (only the important ones are listed here).

  • Added a Farming shop and rearranged the items in some other shops.
  • Merged the backpack sell message into the main sell all message.
  • Fixed special money items not giving the right amount of money in the gem shop.
  • Fixed being able to sheer and dye the Sheep Miner sheep.
  • Fixed being able to find cracked ores outside of a mine.
  • Fixed the Unspookable & Unfrostable ranks giving pickaxes with vanilla enchants.
  • Fixed players not having access to the plot delete, confirm, add, trust, middle and deny commands.
  • Fixed Ore Tech not being given in the Epic crate.
  • Fixed playtime rewards not giving some of the rewards for 3 days playtime.
  • Fixed being able to claim the 5 day playtime rewards when you only have 3 days of playtime.

That's about it for this update! Have fun getting tokens even more easily now with the salvager, and putting a use to those useless pickaxes with enchants that you have.

Thank you to those who worked on this update, here's a list of credits: