Announcing Chasecraft 2.1

It's time we begin introducing the next chapter of our Skyblock servers, 2.1! Chasecraft 2.1 is a complete overhaul of our Skyblock servers, aimed at creating an enjoyable Skyblock server for our community to hang out in, that being said, there is now only one Skyblock spawn where all servers get to meet and hang out in, as well as one PvP arena for all skyblock servers to PvP each other in. We're also introducing the marketplace to Skyblock, more information on that below though!

Skyblock 2.1 is releasing soon! Stay up to date by joining our Discord @

With the focal point of 2.1 aimed at creating and supporting a wonderful community, that comes with ensuring that the gameplay of our Skyblock servers is as flawless as possible. We have designed a new system that will allow all four of our Skyblock servers to hold thousands of players without much lag or disconnects! Best of all, it'll seem as if you're playing with thousands of other players all on one giant Skyblock server, all on 1.15.2 (maybe 1.16 in the future?!?!?!????!?!?!!!!).

Continue reading for more information on 2.1.


Unfortunately, we can't transfer old islands to Skyblock 2.1 due to the rewrite of the entire system we use to make Skyblock playable. However, we've decided that we will continue to keep the four 2.0 Skyblock servers available until no longer deemed necessary (when no one plays them). This means you will be able to continue to play on Skyblock 2.0 whilst the new Skyblock 2.1 is available.

➤ Some things to consider

  • Though we will be keeping Skyblock 2.0 up, we will stop updating it overall, we may occasionally do bug fixes, but no extra updates will be added to Skyblock 2.0.
  • You will no longer be able to purchase things on the store for 2.0, ALL existing purchases will stay though. New purchases will be directed to Skyblock 2.1.
  • Creating new islands will be disabled on all Skyblock 2.0 servers, you can still access existing islands though.  We understand that many players will want to continue building out their old islands, however, we highly recommend that every player joins and plays on Skyblock 2.1 as this is the server Unspeakable will be playing on going forward, meaning it'll be played by thousands of existing and new players, we'll also update and support Skyblock 2.1.

Skyblock 2.1 is an all new season of Skyblock, meaning Skyblock 2.0 will be reset to make way for 2.1.

➤ Why do we do resets?

Skyblock can get a bit boring once players reach the end game, we want to make sure everyone's experience stays fresh and allowing new players a chance to get to the top. Therefore, we do a reset every few months.

➤ What will be reset?

  • Your island & level
  • Your inventory & enderchest
  • Your money & mob coins
  • Your player vault
  • Your island expansions
  • Anything bought from mob coins
  • Anything won from crates
  • Powerups
  • Bundles
  • Crate Keys

➤ What won't be reset?

  • Your purchased store ranks
  • Your purchased store perks
  • Your purchased store trail packs
  • Your purchased store tags


Let's be honest, the current Skyblock server names we've got are just boring! Numbered Skyblock servers sure are convenient, but they sound so boring!! That being said, we've changed the names of our Skyblock servers:

  • Skyblock Builders - for true pro builders!
  • Skyblock Grinders - for those who pull all nighters grinding!
  • Skyblock Enchanters - for those that get max level enchants!
  • Skyblock PvPers - for all the hardcore PvPers!

Now that we've got themed Skyblock servers, we'll be able to give each Skyblock server a different play style depending on the theme of the server. This includes different skills, perks, starter kits and gameplay elements directed solely towards each Skyblock server's theme.

We can't wait to share some of the cool ideas we've got in store for future updates to 2.1 and further seasons.


Skyblock 2.1 features the new marketplace servers, which allow you to rent out plots and sell items and cool things you make to the communities of Skyblock Builders, Grinders, Enchanters & PvPers!

To start with, we'll be opening one marketplace server; the Safari Marketplace!

Each marketplace server allows you to sell any type of item for any amount you wish. Now you can start easily selling and building out your own banner shops, or any other type of shop you can possibly think of!

The marketplace servers are accessible to everyone. Each marketplace server will also have its own set of ranks and perks that you can purchase to make your shops stand out even more!

We can't wait to see the different types of shops everyone makes!


We've upgraded the Skyblock PvP arena quite a bit! There's an all new arena for you to PvP your friends on and explore and even PvP other Skyblock server communities on! This new PvP arena is accessible by all players on all four Skyblock servers.


As we briefly explained in the introduction, Skyblock 2.1 will allow us to hold thousands of players on each Skyblock server without any lag or disconnects.

The 2.0 spawn that we all love will be staying with us for 2.1, but we've added some new portals to it that'll take you to the individual Skyblock servers - rather than using the portals in the Hub, as well as a portal that takes you to the PvP arena and the Safari Marketplace.

All four Skyblock servers will now be able to travel to the Skyblock Central Spawns and meet up with friends and even make new friends!

Skyblock 2.1 releases soon, we'll keep you updated on our Discord @!
- Chasecraft Server Team