Chasecraft Resource Pack

The Chasecraft Resource Pack includes a few gameplay elements such as new weapons and features on Survival and seasonal cosmetic models such as the Easter Bunny Hat, Plushie, Sword & Shield and the Easter Basket.

The pack is automatically prompted to you upon logging in on the Chasecraft server. You must press the Yes button! If you accidently press No and keep getting kicked, don't worry, follow the guide below (and images) to find out how to fix this issue!

Go to the Multiplayer page (server list) in Minecraft, find the Chasecraft server in your server list and click it ONCE.

At the bottom of your Minecraft client, click the Edit button (highlighted in red in image below).

Once you've clicked the Edit button, you'll notice the Server Resource Packs button. Click on this until it changes to Server Resource Packs: Enabled (like the image below) you may need to press it a few times for it to say Enabled.

Press the Done button and log into the Chasecraft Minecraft server! You shouldn't be prompted to use the Chasecraft resource pack, it should automatically load in. If you are prompted to use it, always click Yes!

We recommend you share this page with your friends so they know how to use the Chasecraft resource pack! If a player asks in chat how to use it, link them to this page.