Server wide Quality of Life update

Hey everyone, today we will be bringing out an update to all aspects of the server! This update includes some Quality of Life changes and bugfixes!

With these changes, we will also be hosting a Survivalist Key giveaway on our Discord server!

Anyways, lets get to what we changed!

| Skyblock PvP Changes

We have heard a lot of feedback in regards to players just not dying at the PvP area. This is due to several different items. Mainly, enderpearls, God Apples and XP Bottles. In order to speed up PvP fights and allowing people to actually confirm kills, we have introduced a cooldown for all 3 of these items. We hope that with this change PvP will be a lot more enjoyable again.
The cooldowns added:
- Enderpearl: 30 seconds (When in combat)
- God Apple: 30 seconds
- Xp Bottle: 30 seconds (When in combat)

| Survival Crates

The current state of Crates on Survival does in no way represent the economy anymore. The money amounts in all crates are way too little, the XP Bottles are too little to do anything with, and the cake in the Vote Crate is also not great.
With the help of some very experienced Survival players we have came up with a list of changes to the crates. You can check those out over at /warp crates on the Survival server!

Click here to buy Crate Keys on Survival.

| Skyblock & Survival Chest Locking

It is very annoying to have to make a lot of shops on your island or land to protect your valuable goods. We have added a locking system to Skyblock and Survival, which allows  you to type [lock] on the first line of the sign, and no one will be able to enter the chest!

| Other changes

  • We have greatly improved the help menus on Skyblock to be a lot more informative
  • We have added the raw ore variants of each ore to the shop and barrel auto sell
  • We have cleaned up the Prisons PvP arena

We want to thank everyone for the support and suggestions we have received recently. It is amazing and we are looking forward to show you the big things we have been working on!

Thank you to those who worked on this update, here's a list of credits:

  • 626Stitchy - Project lead, Set up of chest locking, Skyblock shop changes
  • qWolfy - Setting up chest locking, changing Survival crates, improving help menus
  • willpk03 - Setting up Skyblock PvP Cooldowns, cleaning up Prisons PvP