Skyblock Barrels Update

It's been a very long time coming, but we're happy to finally announce that barrels have arrived on Skyblock Reborn! Barrels are a new type of block that will automatically pick up specific items that are dropped inside the chunk they're in.

There are several different types of barrels, ranging from barrels that pick up farming items, to ones that pick up mob drops and ores! Each barrel will only pick up one type of item, or a range of items related to different mobs.

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| Obtaining Barrels

Barrels can be obtained through the Barrel Shop, which is accessible via typing /barrels or visiting the NPC at spawn! When in the shop, simply click on a barrel to start crafting it. The crafting process will take quite a while, once you've waited for it to craft, you can click on the barrel again to receive it.

Sometimes waiting for a barrel can be a bit annoying, so you are able to insta-craft barrels, but that'll cost you Chasecoins! Chasecoins are a new type of currency that you can purchase from the store, while a barrel is crafting, you can click it again to insta-craft it with Chasecoins.

Buy Chasecoins by clicking here. They can also be obtained in Skyblock crates (purchased here) or in tier 3 envoys!

| Selling & Auto Sell

Other than automatically collecting and storing items, barrels can also sell the items they're storing, as well as automatically sell them every few minutes! You can SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK a barrel to manually sell all of it's items.

By default, auto sell is turned off, however, if you right-click the barrel you can turn on the auto sell feature, then the items that your barrel collects will be automatically sold every few minutes, even when you're offline!

That's about it for this update! We hope you guys enjoy the new barrels, if you encounter any bugs, be sure to report it on our Discord, join it by clicking the card below.

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Thank you to those who worked on this update, here's a list of credits: