Skyblock Grinders, Enchanters & PvPers Release

Hey all!

Two updates in two days?! Yep, that's right. Today we're releasing the other three Skyblock servers; Grinders, Enchanters & PvPers to go alongside our currently released Skyblock Builders server. All three servers have been released to the public, so what are you waiting on? Go play them now!

With these three Skyblock servers being released it puts Chasecraft at a point where we can hold thousands of players at once! We're happy to announce that Unspeakable will start recording on Chasecraft soon and he'll also be doing a live stream or two every month. Stay tuned for more information regarding a live stream.

In this update we added:

  • Skyblock Grinders, grind your way to the top!
  • Skyblock Enchanters, enchant your gear to become the strongest!
  • Skyblock PvPers, begin pvping your foes and allies!
  • Chat & Tablist syncing between Skyblock servers
      ▪  If you're on Skyblock Builders you'll now be able to see other players in
         tablist or chat to other players when they're on another instance or
         PvP/Safari server.
      ▪  You cannot talk to other players or see them in tablist if you're on
         Skyblock Builers and they're on Skyblock Grinders!

Continue reading to find out more about everything we added!

| Skyblock Grinders

Do you believe you're a true grinder? Join Skyblock Grinders today by typing /grinders in game or using the Server Selector!

| Skyblock Enchanters

Do you enjoy enchanting your gear to make it extra strong? Join Skyblock Enchanters today by typing /enchanters in game or using the Server Selector!

| Skyblock PvPers

Do you enjoy PvPing your friends or putting your PvP skills to the test? Join Skyblock PvPers today by typing /enchanters in game or using the Server Selector!

| Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

  • Removed Minions from crates until they are added back into the game
  • Optimized the Skyblock servers, should lag less when there's more players on it now
  • Fixed disguises not working on Skyblock islands
  • Fixed some spots in the pvp arena that people could glitch into/get stuck in
  • Fixed donator ranks being given on all Skyblock servers
  • Fixed a few missing messages in the Skyblock system
  • Fixed tablist nametags not being ordered correctly
  • Synced chat & tablist between the respective Skyblock servers
  • Fixed an issue that caused islands to think players who left or were kicked were still apart of the island
  • Fixed an issue where new members who join the island can't use permissions until the island is unloaded and loaded back in
  • When an instance gets taken out of rotation players who are still on the instance will now be transferred to the next available instance
  • Fixed an issue where the queue system would always put players as position 1 in a queue.

Well, that's it for this update post! We really hope you guys enjoy the three new servers. If you find any bugs, please report them on our Discord - you can join it by clicking on the card below.

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