Skyblock Patch Notes #1

Today we're releasing a small Skyblock update that involves quite a few bug fixes we've done since the release of the Skyblock update and also adds a ton of new items to the envoys.

Before we move on, I'd just like to thank everyone who has logged onto Skyblock and played and a special thanks to those who have donated. Each and every one of you have supported the new Skyblock in some form and we couldn't be more greatful, thank you so much!

Continue reading to find out more about this update!

| Bug Fixes & Changes

Here's the list of bugs we've fixed since release, the ones we think are most important are at the top of the list.

  • Fixed Sell Wands turning into lava buckets when used and not selling items.
  • Fixed Custom Enchantments being applied twice on an item.
  • Fixed Minion limits for donator ranks.
  • Fixed the amount of uses given from the Vote Party Crate sell wand being incorrect.
  • Fixed the feed command voucher not being given in crates.
  • Fixed Super Pickaxe not being given in the Legendary and Ultimate crates.
  • Fixed Iron Golems needing ground to be able to spawn.
  • Fixed being able to apply Custom Enchants via an anvil.
  • Fixed the Slayer and Collector Minions having the Collect EXP button on top of another button.
  • Fixed crates not giving the Utilities Pack reward.
  • Fixed Tier 2 Envoys not giving functioning Mending enchantment books.
  • Fixed cosmetic hats (/hats) not working on Skyblock.
  • Fixed a few types here and there. I mean, typos.
  • Balanced out block values for Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Netherite and Beacon blocks.
  • Added a tag above your head to display when you're AFK.
  • Added the /disguiseviewself (or /dvs) command to toggle viewing your own disguise on or off.
  • Added concrete and concrete powder to the Skyblock decorative blocks shop.
  • Increased the amount of crates that spawn to 20

| New Envoy Items

We've added a total of 54 new items, 15 new Tier I items, 19 new Tier II items and 20 new Tier III items! These are new items, so all existing items are still there. Some of these items include more enchantment books, minions, money and more, so there's quite a few rare and OP items to be found now.

We understand that envoys can be difficult for new players to obtain, especially since there's a big group of people that love to grab the envoys but not let others get them!!! We've increased the amount of envoys that spawn to 20 and will look at other ways we can make envoys accessible to others but do keep in mind that envoys are meant to be fought over! They offer such OP and rare items that letting people get them without pvping wouldn't be too much of a challenge or risk, that'd be like giving free items away for nothing.

That's it for this small update, we hope you enjoy the new envoy rewards. Stay tuned for a much bigger Skyblock update coming soon, maybe it has something to do with that construction site at the back of spawn??

Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits: