Skyblock Patch Notes #2

Today we're releasing our second patch notes. This is just a small update consisting of a few QoL features we've added and a list of bugs we've fixed since the last patch notes. Some things include mob stacking, a new trading system, fixed ore generators and more.

If you'd like to read our previous patch notes, click here.

Continue reading to find out more about this update!

| Mob Stacking & Ore Gen Fixes

One of our most heavily requested features has finally made it onto the server. Well, at least part of it, we've added stacking! Mobs will now stack to an infinite amount of number, any mob spawned from a mob spawner (and some other mobs too) will do this.

Killing a mob stack through simply hitting it will kill each mob in the stack 1 by 1, whereas killing the stack through any other means will instantly kill the entire stack. We hope that mob stackers and the instant killing feature will not only improve client lag but also server lag, so hopefully you see some notable performance improvements!

You'll recall me just saying that we've added a part of stacking onto the server. We consider the 'stacking' mechanic a joint feature between Mob Stacking and Spawner Stacking. Our next goal is to add Spawner Stacking, which is currently being worked on and should be introduced in the next patch notes, so stay tuned!

We've also done some fixes to the ore generators, as well as some much needed changes to them. We've now revolved ore generators around the island leader, meaning that only the island leader can upgrade the gen but all members will automatically use the gen that the leader has.

With that change comes a fix to where sometimes your generator would randomly turn into cobblestone. There are some other things to consider too; generators are relative to each island, meaning you'll get the generator that the island leader on the island you're standing on has.

| Bug Fixes & Changes

Here's the list of bugs we've fixed since release, the ones we think are most important are towards the top of the list.

  • Ore generators will now use the island owner's unlocked generator for all island members.
  • Only island leaders can now unlock ore generators.
  • Fixed ore generators randomly becoming cobblestone sometimes.
  • Entering the PvP arena now undisguises you.
  • Disabled all disguise related commands in the PvP arena.
  • If you're invisible and take any type of damage, your invisibility is removed.
  • Added cooldowns to Enchanted Golden Apples, Golden Apples and Enderpearls.
  • Added (and fixed) trading with players.
  • Added mob stacking.
  • Removed the Utilities Pack from Ultimate and Legendary crates.
  • Added Condense Wands and put them in four crates, mob crystals and on the store.
  • Added Sell Wands, Harvester Hoe's and Super Pickaxes to the store.
  • Added Chests to the miscellaneous blocks
  • Added Minions to the mob crystals shop.
  • Fixed the Seller Minion not selling items.
  • Fixed the Unspookable Kit not being given in the Halloween crate.
  • Fixed Zombified Piglin spawners not being given in the Halloween crate.
  • Added /trash to all players.
  • Added /thru and /top to Yeti and Mummy rank, however it only works on your own island.
  • Fixed a typo in the Mob Coins shop.
  • Fixed some typos in the Halloween crate.
  • Changed up the message sent when waiting to teleport somewhere.
  • The /warps menu will now close the menu when you warp somewhere.

Anyway, that's it for this mini update! We've been working closely with the community to pull out a lot of the stuff that was featured in this update and we very much hope to continue doing that.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits:

  • ConstructorLeo - Project Lead, fixed bugs & added things
  • 626Stitchy - Fixed ore gens, added mob stacker, fixed other bugs and added other things
  • Wolfykyu - Fixed bugs and added things