Skyblock Pets, Chat games across the server and general updates!

Hey everyone, today we will be bringing the long anticipated Pets update for Skyblock to the network!

| Skyblock Pets

The long anticipated Pets update is finally here! Pets are little creatures that follow you around in the world and give you boosts depending on the pet and it's level!

Get a chance to get 2 Mob Crystals from 1 mob with the Enderdragon pet, get more money per sell with the Golden Fish Pet, get Haste from eating Chorus fruit with the enderman pet, and much, much more!

Leveling up the Pets is as simple as completing a specific action linked to the pet, for example fishing or killing mobs. With the level of your Pet increasing, you get a higher chance or better boosts! Pets can be unlocked using Mob Crystals

Will you be the first to get all your pets to the max level?

| Skyblock Toggles

We have also brought a new menu to Skyblock! The /toggles menu allows you to block annoying messages from your chat to prevent flooding it!

You can toggle the Barrel full message as well as the Mob Crystals received messages on and off. This should hopefully help reduce the amount of clutter you receive in the chat!

| Chat Games on Survival, Prisons and Creative

As we have seen that you guys have enjoyed the Chat Games on Skyblock, we have decided to bring it to all other servers!

We are also holding a competition who can win the most Chat Games in a week! The winner on each server will receive a $25 gift card to spend on our store! This competition goes until 14-05-2023.

| Update on Minigames

We have internally done A LOT of testing on Bedwars! We are getting more and more confident about the system and gamemode working, so we will be announcing an OPEN BETA soon! This means that all of you will get a chance to test Bedwars before we mark it as stable.

With this, we hope that you guys can find the last bugs to make it even better!

If any issues arise with the newly added features, please report the bugs in our Discord! This way, we can fix all of them!

We want to thank everyone for the support and suggestions we have received recently. It is amazing and we are looking forward to show you the big things we have been working on!

Thank you to those who worked on this update, here's a list of credits:

  • 626Stitchy - Project lead, Creation of Pets and toggle menu
  • qWolfy - Setting up the pets and the toggle menu
  • willpk03 - Game design for Pets, setting up Chat Games on the other servers