A few weeks ago we put out a poll asking if the community would like Skyblock to reset due to it's numerous economy problems. The majority voted yes, but there were still too many votes for no, which prompted us to create a brand new Skyblock realm instead of resetting the current, this new realm releases Saturday 5th of March @ 4 PM EST!


Saturday 5th March @ 4 PM EST

Today we're happy to introduce Skyblock REBORN, a brand new Skyblock server that will co-exist alongside our current Skyblock server, which in turn will be renamed to Skyblock LEGACY. Before we get into the two new features we're adding to Skyblock Reborn, let's discuss what's happening to Skyblock Legacy.

Skyblock Legacy will remain open to all existing players, however, new players won't be able to create islands anymore. We'll also stop updating and maintaining Legacy, all new features that'll be introduced to Skyblock Reborn won't be carried across to Legacy. You will also only be able to purchase store content for Reborn and not Legacy.

Now let's discuss the two new features we're adding to Skyblock Reborn!

| Introducing Spawner Unlocking

Spawners are a major aspect of our Skyblock's economy, it's the main source of income for all Skyblock players but the problem is people were obtaining too much money way too fast. A long with nerfing and increasing prices of spawners and mob drops, we've introduced a new spawner unlocking system.

Spawners will now require you to have killed a specific amount of mobs that the previous spawner will spawn, so, in order to unlock the Pig spawner, you need to have killed 250 Chickens, to unlock the Sheep spawner, kill 500 Pigs. Once you've killed the mobs, you'll be able to buy the spawner. The cheapest and first spawner that you can buy, the Chicken spawner, will be unlocked by default.

This new system should create a new fun and engaging way to obtain spawners whilst also ensuring that it's balanced for both new and existing players.

| Introducing Island Upgrades

We're happy to finally introduce island upgrades to Skyblock Reborn, a feature that we've been wanting to add for quite a while and we know that the community has wanted this feature too!

Island Upgrades will upgrade certain aspects of your island and can be purchased from money that you put inside your island bank. There are 6 different upgrades you can purchase, each have a different amount of levels, here are the upgrades:

  • Member Count (6 Levels)
    • Increases the amount of members allowed on your island.
  • Island Size (16 Levels)
    • Increases the size of your island.
  • Farming Drops (100 Levels)
    • Increases the chance of getting double drops from crops.
  • Ore Drops (100 Levels)
    • Increases the chance of getting double drops from ores.
  • Mob Drops (100 Levels)
    • Increases the chance of getting double drops from mobs.
  • Crop Growth (100 Levels)
    • Increases the speed at which your crops grow.

As mentioned above, you can buy island upgrades by transferring your money into your island bank. Buying an upgrade will only take money out of your island bank, not your personal bank.

| Economy Balances

We've also gone ahead and balanced the Skyblock economy, with changes to ore and mob drop shop prices as well as ore generator prices.

That's about it for Skyblock Reborn, we can't wait to see you on during the release on Saturday 5th of March @ 4 PM EST! We also can't wait to share what else we have in store for Skyblock and our other gamemodes.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits:

  • ConstructorLeo - Project Lead & Game Designer
  • 626Stitchy - Developed Spawner Unlocking & Island Upgrades
  • qWolfy - Configured new features
  • Ycar - Creating textures for Spawner shop & Island Upgrades GUI's
  • QA Team - Testing this update!