Skyblock Reset - Minions, Custom Enchants, Island Levels and More!

As everyone is aware, we've been hard at work on a new Skyblock reset! We're incredibly happy to finally announce that it is releasing on Saturday 25th of September @ 4 PM EST! We've made a lot of changes to our initial decision before, we've decided to go back to the routes of what Skyblock was during 2.0, adding tons of new features and getting rid of those buggy and complicated custom systems we had.

That being said, we aren't getting rid of those systems, we're only going to take the next few months to improve them. We want to have another Skyblock reset sometime after 1.18 has released in which we'll introduce the new system again and keep all the features there.


Saturday 25th September @ 4 PM EST

In this reset we've updated the Skyblock gamemode to 1.16, meaning you can use all of the new Nether Update blocks. We've got a big list of changes and new features that we've added, we'll go into detail on everything that's new, but here's a quick run down for you:

  • New Skyblock Features - Nether & End Island, Island Levels & Top, Instant Tree Growing, Island Biomes, Warps & Settings
  • New Auction House
  • New Minions
  • New and better Crates
  • New Quests
  • New Daily Rewards
  • New Custom Enchantments
  • New Mob Coins items (now called Mob Crystals)
  • New Player Shops
  • New Ore Generators
  • New Envoys
  • Loads of bug fixes!

What exactly will be getting reset? Here's a rough list for you:

  • Your Island
  • Your Inventory, Enderchest & Playervaults
  • Your Money, Mob Coins and McMMO Credits
  • Your Powerups, Perks, Crate Keys, Bundles

Ranks, tags, trail packs and disguises won't be reset. If you don't have your rank on release, please create a ticket on our Discord by typing !ticket

As you can see, there's a lot to cover in this blog post! Continue reading to find out more.

| The Return of an Old Spawn

Before we get started with all the new features and changes, let's go over the new spawn that's coming with this reset. A lot of Chasecraft's veteran players will recognise it, it's the spawn that came with the new 2.0 Skyblock, so over a year ago!

The spawn is back, looking just as beautiful. You'll notice a lot of the old NPC's have been switched out with new ones, and some NPC's are in new locations, so you'll have to explore the spawn once again.

| End Island, Levels, Top, Biome & More

One of our most anticipated and awaited features of Skyblock 2.1 was the return of island levels and island top! We're happy to say that both of these features are back, a long with numerous new features and changes to existing ones.

We've added an End and Nether island! Access the Nether island through a Nether portal and the End island through the Nether island.

Island levels, island top and an end island are all very exciting things, but there's more! We've compiled a list of other features we've added to Skyblock islands.

  • Island Biomes - You can now change the biome of your island, such as the Nether Wastelands, Jungle, Desert and more!
  • Island Warps & Settings - We've upgraded the warps and settings system and warps actually work now!
  • Instant Growing Trees - You can make your trees grow much, much, MUCH faster by simply sneaking next to them a lot!

| Introducing Minions

Minions are hard little workers that'll do those annoying tasks for you! We have a total of 7 Minions you can collect on your Skyblock island, all of them do very different tasks for you. Below I've given a brief description of what each Minion does!

  • Miner - Mines the block in front of it and stores what's mined
  • Slayer - Kills mobs within a certain range
  • Collector - Collects items within a certain radius
  • Lumberjack - Chops down trees (logs and leaves) that are around it
  • Farmer - Harvests and replants crops within a certain radius
  • Fisher - Catches fish within ponds located in front of the Minion
  • Seller - Sells items that are in it's attached chest

Each Minion will have an interface that allows you to control certain aspects of it, such as the way it's facing, it's name, view it's statistics and (if applicable), the amount of experience it's collected. You'll also be able to link a chest to your Minion, meaning it'll store all items that it collects within that linked chest.

Within your Minion's interface you'll be able to level it up for a certain amount of money, which in turn will increase the radius and/or add buffs to the Minion (such as auto smelters).

| Auction House is Back!

That's right everyone, the Auction House is back! Finally!! The Auction House lets you sell your own items for other players to buy, these can include some pretty OP items you've made yourself with custom enchantments and such.

Each donator rank is able to auction off more items, here's how many:

  • Member - 2 Items
  • Wolf - 4 Items
  • Green - 6 Items
  • Skeleton - 8 Items
  • Yeti - 10 Items
  • Mummy - 12 Items

Buy yourself a rank by heading to our store @

| New and better Crates

We feel that it's long overdue for our crates to get some attention and love. We've completely overhauled our crates, everything from the rewards of every crate to the names of the most important ones have been remade!

Introducing three new crates: Epic, Ultimate and Legendary crates!

These new crates, as well as our vote and vote party crates have TONS of new rewards. Allow me to show you the new Legendary crate.

| Custom Enchantments

For the first time ever on Chasecraft Skyblock, we're introducing custom enchantments! We've added a total of 28 new enchantments across four different rarities, each custom enchantment can be obtained by anyone!

Custom enchantments can be obtained by visiting the custom enchantments witch nearby spawn (hint, it's near the blacksmith area). Some custom enchantments can be obtained through crates or envoys.

| New Ore Generators

We've completely upgraded custom ore generators, now, anyone can obtain them - quite easily at that! Through a new ore generator shop, you can buy different ore generators. However, ranked players will obtain some of the ore generators for free.

Everyone will get the first generator for free, the cobblestone generator. Every generator after that can be bought with in game money or received for free buy purchasing a rank. You can open the ore generator shop by typing /oregen.

| Daily Rewards

We've added daily rewards to Skyblock, you're now able to claim 7 rewards every single day for free. We won't spoil what all of these rewards are, but they're pretty nice, we'll let you see for yourself when the reset is released. For now, bask in the glory of this daily rewards menu.

| There's even more!!!

That's right, there's more, way more. We're going to quickly skim over the rest of the features we've added, we recommend you go in game and experience them for yourself!


Quests are back! With over 15 categories and 1,000+ quests, you'll never get bored when questing.

Access quests and start questing by typing /quests!

Player Shops

Setup your very own shop on your island with player shops! Players will be able to warp to your island and buy items you're selling on your island, this is a great way if you have too many of one item and want to get rid of it, but also want to make a profit.

Create a player shop by looking at a chest and typing /qs create!


The Envoy event will spawn crates in the PvP arena every 2 hours, each crate has some pretty OP tools and items you can find in them, as well as custom enchantments.

Envoy events occur every 2 hours at /warp pvp!

Mob Crystals

Mob Crystals (also known as Mob Coins) have had an overhaul. We wanted to make the items you can buy using crystals more worth it, so we bought back the rotating shop.

Every 24 hours, the Mob Crystals shop will switch to 6 new normal items in the shop. Every 48 hours, 3 special items will be switched out. Normal items are semi-OP items, special items are very OP items.

Access the Mob Crystals shop with /crystals!

Aaaand that's it! We're so excited to release the Skyblock reset, we can't wait for you all to get on and start playing again, we've done some extensive testing with our QA team over the last few weeks and everything has been running smoothly.

We'll see you on using Java Edition version 1.17.1 on Saturday 25th of September @ 4 PM EST!

Thank you to those who helped with this update, here's a list of credits: