Through the last few months we have been thinking about new ways of making Skyblock more exciting and less confusing for new players. Sadly, due to the plenty of issues regarding the economy we won't be able to introduce anything that is fair to everyone. Because of this, we are introducing a NEW RESET for Skyblock! This reset will happen on Saturday, 10th of December @ 4 PM.


Saturday 10th December @ 4 PM EST

Because we don't want players to lose all of their progress, we will be moving the current Skyblock Reborn Realm to the slot of Legacy. The current Legacy will be removed, due to the little interest on the realm. Just like the current Legacy Realm, you can still play on it if you already have an island, but you cannot make a new island. New features will also not be released on Legacy.

Now let's discuss what is coming to the new Skyblock, and what we are changing!

| Introducing KoTH

We're happy to finally bring more life to the massive PvP area we have, and make use of it's terrain. We have created 5 KoTH's, that will happen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5 different times to give everyone from different timezones a chance to compete!

Winning KoTH will get you a KoTH crate, which always gives you 1 piece of special armor. We have have a set for every original mascot of Skyblock. Wearing a full set gives you special abilities!

| Introducing Duels

Did you always want to find out who would be the better PvPer in an equal scenario? Now you can! Fight someone with a predefined Kit on one of the new beautiful arena's and prove you're better!

| Introducing Leaderboards

Because it was not easy seeing how well you we're doing on other aspects than balance and island level, we have decided to introduce Leaderboards. These Leaderboards will be scattered around spawn. You can now see who won the most Duels, has the most Mob Crystals or has the highest McMMO level!

| Introducing Chat Games

For the more casual players, we have added Chat Games! Prove you are the fastest at unscrambling words!

| Changes to existing gameplay

  • We have changed the economy a lot. We have looked at every individual item, and re-priced it. We have also made many items cheaper, and have reduced the sell amounts to stop new players from being scared of the massive amounts of money the bigger islands have. We hope that with this change it will allow us to keep bringing out new features that are balanced for everyone.
  • Spawner unlocking was not what we hoped for it. We hoped it would slow down players getting to the top spawner, but in reality this was not the case. The top islands with a lot of people were able to unlock the best spawners very fast, while new players were left frustrated that they could not be on an even playing field. Due to this, spawner unlocking has been removed again. Everyone can get any spawner, without the need of unlocking it.
  • We have removed Quests, due to the limited enjoyment players got out of it. This is definitely something we are looking to add back, once we got a better grip on making enjoyable Quests, that are worth doing.

That is it for the announcement! We hope to see you all at the release!

Thank you to those who worked on this update, here's a list of credits:

  • 626Stitchy - Project lead, Set up of KoTH and Duels
  • qWolfy - Building the new Duels Arenas and KoTHs
  • willpk03 - Setting up the KoTH armor sets
  • HeyImMelina - Leading the QA Team
  • QA Team - Testing this update!