Upcoming Survival 1.20 Reset!

Hey everyone, today we will be bringing you news regarding the planned 1.20 reset for our Survival server! In this blog post we will go over changes that we made, new features and the release date for the reset!

Before we talk about the new reset, let's discuss what exactly will be reset:

  • Your Land & Builds
  • Your Inventory, Enderchest & Playervaults
  • Your Money & Experience
  • Your Jobs & Battle Pass Progress
  • Your Personal & Global Boosters, Crate Keys, Battle Pass

Ranks, tags and disguises that are bought of the store won't be reset. Use /reclaim to get these store bought packages again!


Saturday 15th July @ 3 PM EST

Now let's discuss what is coming to the new Survival, and what we are changing!

| 1.20 world

Explore Cherry Blossom Forests, get the Sniffer, find sherds to make new pots and create over 1000 different combinations of armour! Survival will be on 1.20, which brings all of these features and more!

| Resource Worlds

You no longer need to worry about overworld and nether resources depleting! Every 2 weeks these worlds will be re-created, so you will always be able to get suspicious sand, un-explored nether fortresses and find newly generated structures!

Claiming in these worlds is disabled, so you don't lose your buildings when the resource world resets!

| Custom Enchantments

Get permanent potion effects, deal more damage to mobs and give debuffs to players! Collect all Custom enchantments and get yourself the perfect set of armor, tools and weapons!

Custom Enchantments can be obtained using /enchanter or by winning them!

| Mobcrystals

Obtain Mobcrystals by killing special mobs like Shulkers, Ravagers and Wardens! Use your Mobcrystals to buy ranks, kits, perks and more!

Check out the current items for sale by using /mobcrystals!

| Changes to PvP

As the PvP on Survival has become quite boring, we have made a lot of changes to try and make it more fun and enjoyable for everyone!

The first change we made is a completely new PvP world!

In this newly added PvP world, there are 2 KoTHs you can try and contest though the week. Win KoTH on Friday, Saturday or Sunday in order to get good loot and a piece of specialized armour. The rest of the week, you will be awarded mob crystals to spend on special items!

To figure out when the next KoTH will run, use /koth schedule to see the whole schedule!

| Lottery Changes

Use our new Lottery system to get strong items like Enchanment books, Crate keys or Shulker boxes!

Buy your tickets using money and have a chance to win the item that the lottery is currently running for!

| Changes to existing gameplay & QoL features

  • We have moved around NPCs to show the players around the spawn.
  • We have changed the economy around quite a bit. Use /shop to find out all changes.
  • You can use /lay to lay on the ground, /sit to sit on the block you're standing on or click on any stair to turn them into chairs!
  • King no longer has Keep-Inventory permissions. This has been removed as this made it too difficult to fight people with the King rank in the PvP arena.
  • You can bottle XP using the newly added /xpbottle <amount> command.
  • Naturally spawned mobs no longer stack. This will only happen to mobs that are spawned from spawners.

Thank you to those who worked on this update, here's a list of credits:

  • 626Stitchy - Project lead, changes to lottery, creation of resource worlds
  • qWolfy - Building the PvP Arena, setting up the new NPCs
  • willpk03 - Setting up PvP, setup of mobcoins & countless other changes
  • QA Team - Testing this update!