Survival Update - Ender Dragon Drops + Bug Fixes

Hey everyone, today we've got a very small Survival update for you all. We've introduced a new system for players to get drops from the Ender Dragon by simply participating in the fight, as well as fixed a couple of bugs since the recent reset's release.

Continue reading to find out more.

| More Ender Dragon Drops!

There are several items within Survival that become essentially almost impossible to obtain over time, these are elytra's, dragon heads and the dragon egg as once end fortresses have been looted, they do not regenerate those items. We've introduced a new system to ensure players are able to receive these items.

When players fight the ender dragon, the top 3 people to deal the most damage to it will now be rewarded. This is what they'll receive:

  • #1 Damager - 1x Dragon Egg, 1x Elytra & chance for a Dragon Head
  • #2 Damager - 1x Elytra & chance for a Dragon Head
  • #3 Damager - 1x Elytra & chance for a Dragon Head

On top of this, anyone else who contributes to the fight (deals at least a little bit of damage) will also receive diamond blocks, gold blocks and experience bottles for simply contributing!

We hope this new system is a lot more rewarding, and will allow more players to receive elytra's and other rare items. However, it can't all be easy! The ender dragon now has 1,000 health.

| Bug Fixes

It's been a week since the Survival reset was released, here's a list of bugs we've fixed since then.

  • Removed the mobcoins shop as there are no mobcoins
  • Fixed 1.19 players being kicked when using /rtp
  • Fixed system messages showing above your hotbar instead of in chat
  • Fixed AH clearing after a restart
  • Fixed connection issues to Survival
  • Changed Sell price of Amethyst
  • Fixed lag problems

That's about it for this small update, we hope you all enjoy the new ender dragon drops system! If you catch any bugs, please be sure to report them on our Discord.

Thank you to those who worked on this update, here's a list of credits:

  • ConstructorLeo - Game Designer / Project Lead
  • 626Stitchy - Project Lead / Developed ender dragon system and fixed bugs
  • Wolfy - Configured and tested ender dragon system & bug fixes