Survival Update - Jobs and Battle Pass!

In the last few weeks we have been working hard on an update for our Survival gamemode! In this update, we will be adding Jobs and a Battlepass to Survival! Both are accessible through /jobs and /battlepass on our Survival server!

We're also activating a LIMITED TIME 30% OFF SALE on ALL store packages! This sale will run until the 27th of June!


Continue reading to find out more about this update!

| Jobs

Sign up for a job and complete certain tasks and get a pretty nice payment out of it! Access the jobs menu by typing /jobs - below the image we've got some more information on just how jobs work!

When joining a job you get money and points depending on what level job you have! There are a total of 12 jobs you can join:

  • Woodcutter - In this job you need to chop & plant trees to earn money.
  • Miner - In this job you need to mine minerals & ores to earn money.
  • Builder - In this job you need to build any structure to earn money.
  • Digger - In this job you need to terraform the world to make money
  • Farmer - In this job you need to do any farming activity to earn money.
  • Hunter - In this job you need to kill animals and monsters to earn money.
  • Explorer - In this job you need to explore the map to earn money.
  • Crafter - In this job you need to craft items to earn money.
  • Fisherman - In this job you need to catch fish to earn money
  • Weaponsmith - In this job you need to repair weapons to earn money
  • Brewer - In this job you need to brew potions to earn money.
  • Enchanter - In this job you need to enchant items to earn money.

Different mobs and blocks pay out different amounts of points and money.

Use the command /jobs to get started!

| Battle Pass

Complete weekly and daily tasks to obtain points you can use to unlock rewards! Rewards include, but are not limited to Money, Elytra's and Netherite!

Use /battlepass to open the Battle Pass portal. From here you can go to the rewards and quests menu's. Collect points by completing new quests every day, as well as logging in daily for Daily Quests! Every quests gives you points which will unlock quest tiers. These can be viewed in the rewards menu. There are a total of 15 tiers you can obtain! Get started today!

Buy our premium BattlePass to get more rewards at

That's about it for this update! We hope you enjoy it, we've got some other updates in the plans for other gamemodes so stay tuned for that!

Thank you to everyone who worked on this update, here's a list of credits!