Introducing the Unspeakable Ranks

Fans of Unspeakable, we need your attention! Today we're introducing a new set of global ranks; the Unspeakable Ranks. With 6 new ranks set to help you show off your love for Unspeakable through the use of new wearable, placeable and gadget cosmetics as well as exclusive access to areas where you can meet and talk to Unspeakable himself! We all know everyone has always wanted to meet Unspeakable, him self!!

The new Unspeakable Rank cosmetic's use the Chasecraft resource pack which is automatically activated when you join Chasecraft. Ensure that you have Resource Packs set to enabled for the Chasecraft server, go to to find out more!

Continue reading to find out more about the new Unspeakable Ranks.


The first two ranks are lifetime ranks. The remaining four ranks are subscription ranks, renewing every month (you can cancel the subscription if you'd like).

Below we've listed out all 6 ranks as well as filled in all the details for the ranks! You can purchase an Unspeakable Rank by clicking here.

➤ Unclickable Rank

➤ Untalkable Rank

➤ Unhackable Rank

➤ Unflippable Rank

➤ Unspeakable Rank

➤ Unspeakable VIP! Rank


As we mentioned in the introduction, these new ranks are global ranks, meaning when you purchase a rank, you'll receive the rank and all of it's perks in all servers (even the Hubs)!

On top of receiving the rank on all servers upon purchasing it, the Unflippable, Unspeakable & Unspeakable VIP! ranks get unlimited access to the Unspeakable Hub where Unspeakable himself hangs out and chats, as well as an exclusive Discord channel called the #recordings channel, where you can see when Unspeakable is next likely to record and a #unspeakable channel where you can talk to other Unspeakable & Unspeakable VIP! ranks as well as Unspeakable himself!!


You can purchase your first Unspeakable Rank by visiting the server store and clicking on the first category. Or, alternatively you can simply click on the big link shown below:

If you're looking to purchase something that'll allow you to see the one and only Unspeakable, then we recommend purchasing one of the subscription ranks; Unhackable, Unflippable, Unspeakable & Unspeakable VIP! ranks. All of these come with tons of perks, as well as unlimited access to the Unspeakable Hub, some of these ranks have access to exclusive Discord channels where you can speak to Unspeakable himself!

The Unclickable & Untalkable ranks are life time ranks, meaning you'll have them forever. However, both ranks don't really come with many perks - you do get a 1 and 2 month access pass to the Unspeakable Hub depending on the rank you purchase.

That's it for this update! We hope you guys enjoy these new Unspeakable Ranks and that you get to meet Unspeakable yourself!!

- Chasecraft Server Team